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Well, the Liar-in-chief is at it again. This time he is trying to enrich his corporate friends by having food boxes sent to poor people who receive food stamps instead of them getting stamps. The CEO’s of huge agricultural companies win out that way… just as they did when excess food from USA was part of loan deals in Haiti (killing local rice and pig industries). Mexico (local corn and other industries) and so on.

The Donald claims that poor people use their food stamps to only buy junk food like soda pop and potato chips. Once again he is lying, an activity in which he engages every or nearly every day since he lives in a reality of his own making, apparently.

Donald Trump’s food stamp box idea is a solution without … – USA Today

The fact is that MA started a food program that spread to around 30 other states wherein poor people can use their food stamps to buy food directly from farms. We are talking about fresh produce and we have a great organic farm system in MA AND the poor get discounted prices for their purchases.

In fact, Trump is the biggest lying President in the USA ever to exist. This is one of the reasons that we hold the line in MA where a Catholic Worker gal and a farmer with his farm in his family for seven generations went to educate our state legislators about OUR food program for the poor.

I taught that gal about the way to make corn husk dolls when she was five years old. I had learned it from when I was young and it was used as a technique to make dolls for children since the 1600’s in my state.

The farmer had a failing farm, but now has managed to turn it around to make money, including for new farm equipment needed thtough this food program that serves the poor. So if the Lying President thinks that we will change any time soon where I live … he needs to think again about our small family farms of which many go way back in time. He needs to consider the majority of people in my state that find him intolerable or close to intolerable.

Do you think that I could make this information up in my wildest imagination?Could I: How about the way that this deranged President characterizes the poor immigrates walking now to the USA border as involving  Middle Easterners, Small Pox carriers, lepers and so on? How about his stating that they will be shot by US troops if they throw stones — right out of Israel playbook? (Hey, some might be suitable for joining the Red Sox as pitchers if they are good at hurling objects. Go ahead, join us here in MA if you are good at hurling since we just won the world championship for baseball and like the status.)

Meanwhile, my friends and my state’s farmers aren’t going to cave into Trump’s idiocy any time soon. Count on it.

Across this nation, many of us are sick of his lies.The hatred is truly situated from coast to coast.

Moreover I can guarantee that this fascist lying President doesn’t have a hold on us in MA. He can’t kill off our family farms for big agriculture and he can’t dictate about what we do in terms of sanctuary towns and cities or other policies (like climate change that he thinks or says — lying again — is a hoax from the Chinese despite that he has plans to build seawalls in his Ireland gojf course).

So why DO some people like him? … People become tribally oriented when there is a perceived threat. So they divide up along lines like skin color, religion, caste, monetary wealth and so on. … If resources are running out, they do the same action and elect leaders who will represent their group or whom they perceive will do so. … Moreover, people with power, control, money do not want to lose the advantage.They will fight tooth and claw like the Hindutva to maintain privileges even when the advantage is based on religious beliefs like some people being born out of a god’s head and others born of his feet. … Get use to the conflicts ramping up and right-wing governments becoming into vogue, I suggest. … The masses have very little power unless they revolt en masse, an activity well in place in MA since we overall are not prone to be deceived.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA


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