Indian news channels turned into fish markets! Facebook became one big club of fools! And the whole plot of handshake between politicians and army is a predictable climax of a worse movie!

● While the Indian Foreign Secretary claims of many dead terrorists after the IAF air strike, Pakistan Foreign Secretary says, “No casualties found” and so the information has not been announced as authentic. The work is undoubtedly brave, but the fish marketing televised media, use the inauthentic information as the drum to be beaten for political interest.

● Secondly, was the Pulwama attack a political planning? Because right now it appears that for one big election stunt the leader of this nation played one big politics to show his bravery by post attacking the JeM base camp. JeM has been responsible for many activities, so why it took so long to eliminate their base camp? May be they were waiting to make this an issue over which the political leaders could win the election because after so many disasters winning the election would not have been an easy task.

● 300 terrorists dead! Really? You got to be serious because even in a movie, one base camp does not keep 300 armed terrorists to show an action scene. JeM is a functional group of wild trekking terrorists and it would sound ridiculous if anyone says that 300 died in unison. No base camp in history carries more than 100 terrorists in one place and that is basic common sense. But we are a bunch of idiots who really get masked by the political leaders that even a blatant lie appears to us as the universal truth. They are terrorists and they are trained to create chaos. The destruction of the base camp undoubtedly is a huge task.

● How foolish are we that a task holder and task implementer is not given the credit, rather the politician is going public due to our hobby of advertising? It is the IAF and I repeat IAF only, which deserves the full credit. The leader’s tenure has got division in the name of religion, food, caste. It has seen deterioration of economy and shameful fall of jobs. Forced evacuation of one million tribals. Tension in the name of Citizenship Amendment Bill. More tension in Arunachal Pradesh for PRC. Rise of tension in Kashmir due to the weakening diplomacy and bad relation with Nepal, China. Humongous betrayal farmers causing more than one lakh suicides and rise in protest against the government. Fall of the impact of media due to purchasing of channels in the name of political sponsorship. Creation of draconian Aadhaar and the failed attempt to deny citizens a fundamental right to privacy.

Even after all of the failures, one attack over Pakistan leads to a rise of brainwashed nationalism without understanding that it was a pre planned programme and the timing was decided. Basic common sense rejects all of the rising insanity.

● Lastly, let’s just go back to history and remember when Germany attacked France and destroyed many base camps of France, whole Germany screamed in unison “Heil Hitler” before every move. But on the very next side, Britain was preparing to break Enigma and succeeded to see the disaster and help the Allies to defeat Germany. Alan Turing referred that “Humans love violence because it feels good”. The moment we start hailing a leader blindly, the nation falls and history has seen it from Napoleon to Hitler. Every nation has got an ally and we know Pakistan too has an ally. Barking for revenge and then barking for the violence created due to the revenge would just create a war and let’s not forget, two nuclear nations are involved in this warfare with an ally having its nuclear treaty signed. We cannot afford another war and more than that we cannot let India become a one man, one ideological nation.

P.S. – Let’s not lose our sanity by hailing a leader to create more hatred inside our nation and between two nuclear nations. War never gives peace and a country goes ten years back for one war.

Kabir Deb is a published writer and poet. Born in Haflong and completed his Masters on Life Sciences from Assam University. His work has been published from different national and international magazine like Different Truths, Counter Currents, Reviews, Cafe Dissensus, Spillwords magazine and his works rely on political activism.

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  1. Sumanta Banerjee says:

    I have a few queries ? When in January, 2000, Masood Azad, after his release, was being taken to Kandahar for delivery to his Pakistani patrons, did he have any conversation with the then Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh, and the then Intelligence Branch officer Ajit Doval (now our National Security Advisor), who accompanied him during the flight ? If it was recorded, can we, the Indian public, have access to them ? Did Jaswant Singh and Ajit Doval come to any understanding with Masood ? Was it a tacit understanding that Masood, once returning to Pakistan, would set up a militant/terrorist group (which is now known as J-e-M) which would come to the rescue of the BJP, every time it faces a crisis – by carrying out terrorist attacks on Indian soil, and thus enabling the BJP to rouse patriotic sentiments to win elections ? The Pulwama attack was well timed. It helped the Modi government to launch the Balakot counter-attack which (despite the dubious claims of destroying J-e-M camps) has become now a convenient tool to be
    used to win votes. Or, is Masood Azad by his actions, playing the role of a tool who indirectly serves the twin interests of the ruling dispensations both in Islamabad and New Delhi ? Is he a double-agent ? We’ll have to wait for future historians to uncover the hidden archives of Indo-Pak spying.