Your breasts
Attract no attention
Poor woman
They are
All dried up and loose
Black and filthy
You yawn
You scratch
The miserable wretch
Tugs at it
No milk in it mother
He says
The men look
With disdain
And the women
Walk past with indifference
You wonder
Are these breasts only
Or you too dead

Preeti Tej Singh has written two books of poetry. The first was called ‘I’ . The second book is called Simantini (Boundless)

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  1. David Kennedy says:

    A source of life, now lifeless. A fountain of love, now dry.
    How quickly are past glories forgotten, along with their blessings.
    But there will be poor women in plenty. They will remain with us
    when all else is forgotten.

  2. Robert Cable says:

    Excellent poem to describe a most unfortunate but common state. Thank you, Preeti Tej Singh. (P.S.our admirable next-door neighbors in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA are Makhan and Surinder Singh.) Your poem is the first thing I have read in the Arts/Literature Section of Binu Matthew’s excellent Countercurrents; but now I will read further in it. P.P.S. I am sorry that your poetry is not listed at Best wishes!

  3. PREETI SINGH says:

    Thank you Robert Cable. Glad you liked the poem. Yes, it is not available on Amazon but in case you are interested to read my other poems you can visit my blog

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