A psychological disorder is ruling us
Which looks at others as disorders
Orderly men hung themselves
Others were ordered to be relieved
From their existence with empty promises.
The images of the order surround us
In petrol stations, bus stands and railway stations
On the streets, on newspapers and television sets
His voice blasts on our ears
With promises unwilling to keep
The order is only to obey the orders.

A psychological disorder is ruling us
He cannot let go of his power
Putting his hand in our pockets
And telling us that it is for our own good
A pickpocket does not pretend
That his job is to protect you
But the psychological disorder does not stop there
He says we are the disorder.

No man should have the power
To forget himself and the rest
To fly over the earth and its people
And to bring people under their lands
The guilty are those who honour
The dishonour within themselves
Fearing the voices of truth
That a psychological disorder is ruling us.

Some bodies disappear
Some bodies remain behind bars
Some bodies spend their time in courts
To prove their right to remain as bodies
And their souls speak to us
To retain our right to be bodies
In this world of a dream of freedom
When a psychological disorder is ruling us.

This wind is here to blow
From which direction we do not know
The sky is just a horse ride
In the share markets of the global pockets.
Between the sheeps and shepherds
The grass should not be forgotten
A lightning from the heaven
Is the expectation of the sheeps.

For a simple black dot on a finger
Millions get ruined
For somebody’s need for power
Eyebrows raised are chopped
For the sake of a breathless nation.
A psychological disorder is ruling us
Defeating all our senses of sanity
Making us wonder
Whether we truly are the disorder.

K.P. Sasi is a writer, film maker and cartoonist


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  1. Dr. P. S. Sahni says:

    WHO classifies this disorder as paranoid schizophrenia or paranoia.

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