Dear oh dear Ilhan
We see you in our sleep
We see you when awake
We hear you in all of our being

There is nothing like a voice
That wavers never at all
There is nothing like the strength
Of dignity withal

Please don’t ever tire
Your energies should never wane
Stay vigilant dear Ilhan
You bless us with your pain

Romi Mahajan in an Author, Marketer, Investor, and Activist




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  1. Avatar james r hammond says:

    ILHAN PLEASE NEVER LOSE HEART! i respect yo and admire yo and i’m white.
    You would be the Queen of SanFrancisco if you ever came here. Any of the Fab Four would be.
    do not dwell on the despots maniacs and racists you might encounter…dwell upon the children of the future you will be setting free. it’s not for us anymore…we have a duty to future generations to remind them of our struggles and to recognize hatred when it comes out of hiding…and to push it back to the hell from which it rises.
    most of America loves you.
    majority rules!