I carry some wounds and hurt with my self indeed!
Not a mere woman I’m,you must know me,

Rather a warrior mother,who fought a unique battle…without any weapons in her hands,
Nor I am like Goddess Durga,who decorated herself with so many arms!

The battle I faced and fought lone indeed,
For they didn’t recognise me to my child,
Another battle fought with the society ,full with lust..
But I stood calm and still,for I know this victory also will be mine..

Then came a destroyer,in the mask of an angel
I couldn’t recognise and it was my fault indeed..
He came, he gave some blemishes and destiny did a heinous crime..

All known by him,still he gifted a bouquet of illness..
Stood still ,raising her head,she never left she battle field..!
She is a proud mother,who cares,who still beleives in LOVE
and will be forever with her Love,indeed!!

SONALI CHANDA is an eminent writer and author. Born in Suburban KOLKATA,she completed her postgraduation from Burdwan University. Her recent Travelogue is on the way to publish,where she showcased the most sensitive areas in Ladakh and Kashmir. Her writings resemble the current issues and different topics of burning issues in the country and the social malices..!! Recently her travelogue”LADAKH…En route TIBETAN Taboos” launched in Kolkata,in EZCC,Bharatiyam..SaltLake..which will be available inInternational BOOK FAIR 2020,Stall.no 101..!!




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