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No passport, no pan card, no driving license, no ration card, no voter’s id, no aadhar card, no records on parents, but Carona has become an Indian citizen. Let us clap for the arrival of this internationally acclaimed personality. Because, there are no proper health facilities, economic conditions or rehabilitation packages. It is the sheer inactivity and lack of investment of time and required resources by the Modi Governance to solve the problem at the appropriate time, which is forcing us to clap for the arrival of this dignitary. Now, let us wait to hear all the false promises as usual. Clap' is also a slang for VD. I really wanted to know how many were infected withclap’ in India. Here is a leader who controls unrecorded resources, but yet can not react in a proactive manner.

People are facing these problems already:

1) No money

2) No jobs

3) Economy is crumbling

4) There are no adequate testing facilities of Corona

5) If somebody is detected of Corona, his/her family, friends and social relationships become untouchables, and so their economic, social, psychological and moral conditions are not dealt with

6) You may clap for the heroes, but the heroes do not have even proper facilities for testing Corona

7) With all my criticisms of the left Governance in Kerala, I would argue that they behaved far better than Modi on this issue. Instead of asking people to clap, they announced economic packages, health packages, food, proper facilities for the victims and some rehabilitation. But our PM asked people to `clap’ (VD)

8) And some of those who had `balconies’ clapped making it a celebration for media. Those who were homeless, could not clap since they did not have balconies. They cleared even homeless people on streets for a clap for 5 minutes

9) I am not against people clapping. But for what? A PM who has done nothing on this issue?

10) If you are clapping for the selfless work of the health workers, the minimum effort that should be done is to find out what their requirements are and what limitations they have to deal with this problem. Not clapping for heaven’s sake.

11) As participants of this world’s largest stupidest democracy, we have a role to play to ask Modi-Cor and Amit-Ona one simple question: `What the hell have you been doing so far’? Clap?

K.P Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist and writer



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One Comment

  1. Sally Dugman says:

    I applaud in my mind for people like Karen. People like her are heroes, but I am a shut-in now to keep myself and others safe. All is going well with my plan to be isolated.

    Karen C. from elder services in Worcester, MA called me yesterday. She phoned to inquire about whether I needed food, medicine or some other critical provision such as visits for home care providers and physical therapy. This is because she was calling to all people whom she knows and will make sure that they will get whatever that they need.

    She’ll even go out herself to provide it after she dons her mask and gloves. … Yes, we all need to step up in troubled times. Fortunately, some of us like Karen go all out. They are willing even to personally handle emergencies even when it puts themselves at risk.