“Chemical Shower, Bareilly, Covid 19’ by DeepankarGohain

I have never had
such a long unending weekend..

Celebrating clear blue skies,
a greater fluttering of birds and
the flowers sprouting like never before.
A lovely pink moon adorned the Universe
this morning.

Inhaling all this wonderous views,
doing deep breathing exercises,
holding the breath to the count of fourty
was an exhilarating joy..

Then I thought of the poor
and the migrants ..
I saw darkness and screams..
We must be blind and deaf
not to feel those pains..

But it was not the Virus..

It was the wheels of injustice,
the military-industrial-financial complex,
their care for wealth not health
who poison people and planet
that make those pains
the fires of hell.

Sorry Virus,sorry..

Anwar Fazal is a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award,popularly known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize.”



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