Allow us to go home
At a time when we are stuck in your cities
Neither continuing here for earning livelihood by staying
Nor getting a privilege to practice your set norms

With economic activities coming to a halt
And stoppage of all the work and no means to earn
We are least motivated to stay back
And want to go to our villages to be near our near and dear ones

When you can air lift your privileged ones from abroad
So that they are back to their homes at the times of crises
Why can’t we be transported back to our villages?
So that we too are back to our homes

At a time when we get crowded
You abuse us of violating social distancing norms
And becoming a threat for spread of disease
When you yourself never give up on your privileged parties even in times of crises

We want to go back
Just because we do not have the privilege
To watch Ramayan and Mahabharat staying at home
Clap and light by coming into Balconies

Allow us to go back
So that we atleast are in our homes
And free from the worries of getting stuck in places away from our homes
In these times of crises

T Navin works as a Researcher with an NGO




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  1. Avatar Farooque Chowdhury says:

    Thanks for telling the tale of these hundreds of thousands.