The same problem exists in the USA as in India and other countries. Farmers are dumping huge amounts of their produce back in the fields. A pig farmer in America is considering just killing off her pigs since they can’t go to a slaughterhouse and to markets. I saw about this farmer problem happening in various newsfeeds in MA, USA and the visual aspects were hard to watch as were the words from the farmers, themselves. Their anguish was strongly palpable.

The farmers who I know locally can drop off food to local grocery stores where it can be washed and packaged. Arrangements can be made.

Other farmers are leasing or selling large portions of their land so that solar panels can be put there. Yes, it’s ugly to see row after row of them taking up the landscape, but it’s financially viable given circumstances of people wanting ever more energy except for a minority of us.

We have no industrial farms in the state in which I live — not a single one. We are largely socialists here and support our small scale farmers of whom many have run their farms for generations.

So let’s kick the seven major agricultural companies in the world such as Cargill to the curbside. They only ruin life for the rest of us and pay minimum wages to workers while the owners reap tons of profits. My advise is to keep them out of your state and country as best as you can.

The land, especially the soil, is ruined by them and their caring for the common good is close to nonexistent. What else could be expected from such money grubbing machinations, the capitalists who want money for themselves at the expense of everyone else?

Meanwhile, people are rioting across the USA because they no longer like being cooped up due to the virus and the lines of cars for people getting free food from food banks is out of control and the food banks are, obviously, stressed out. Then I wonder about the way that our three MA food banks are doing under the strain.

Yes, we’re living in Crazyland worldwide. The madhouse could, though, get worse. Think of the Black Plague for example.

When many people want ever more power, control and money, what would anyone think would happen? What happens, too, when the balance of nature is superseded by humans ever creating more of themselves and using up resources gleaned from the natural world in the process?

So India is having the same dire problems regarding farmers, people on the verge of starvation and the supply chain between the two groups  — the farmers and those with food needed — according to Greenpeace India. What else could one expect since this problem exists across the world in these covid-19 times.

The problem is that all of these groups like Greenpeace India working to make the planet better for people, other species, the environment and the world  In general always want donor money. The fact is that I don’t have it since I never cared about having lots of money. In fact, my daughter and her husband handle my conservatively oriented money market accounts, but Wall Street took a financial hit and so did I.

So what am I to do?

Am I to donate and wind up in a homeless shelter or live in my old tent in the woods after not being able to pay housing costs? Let’s be realistic: I can help others in dire straights, but not through money donations. It’s that simple, although if you can, it can be a happy event.

Sally Dugman lives in MA, USA.



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