Migrant workers walking home , walking …
For many a kilometer
No water
No food
No shelter
No time to brood
On past or future ….

Economy staggering
Industrial output declining
Manufacture of products stopped
Tools are lying untouched …

Where are the workers?
The ‘ real’ economic torch bearers ?

Pregnant woman delivers on road  (1)
And walks with the baby slowly like toad
A tired man breathes his last
Trying to reach his village fast …

Where are the workers?
The backbone of huge profits!

Stop them! Strangle them !
Enact strict labor laws (2)
Curb their fundamental rights!
Lure them with hope -true or false!

No humanity!
No empathy !
No sympathy !
Only apathy !

This is sharply divided
‘Quarantine’ world…!

(1) . Pregnant migrant labourer delivers baby while walking home , walks another 150 kms after delivery (India today web desk , May 13 2020, indiatoday.in )
Pregnant migrant worker delivers baby on roadside ….(https:/ibtimes.co.in )
(2) . India moves big labour law changes to limit coronavirus impact : U. P, MP, Punjab , others make these changes  ( by Samrat Sharma, updated May 8 2020 , www.financialexpress.com)

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