King’s Three Top Concerns And The Response

Martin Luther King Jr

I have known this information for some time. M. L. King’s top threesome topics in interest were racism, war and materialism — I.e., excessive consumerism.

I am rightfully proud of my support of King. Here’s the scoop:

Jewish parents made a deal with a NYC bus company to bus people to the Selma March by exchanging Green Stamp booklets for bus rides to Selma from NYC. So every weekday after school I rode my bike to a grocery store, collected them from customers in Jim Crow Fl and pasted them into booklets to send to their daughter who was my age — 13. Then she would give them to her parents. … My home was two and a half miles away from the store.

Living in Jim Crow Fl, I had no chance to meet a black person there. We were segregated and separated, which really made me angry and sad,

One day, a white supremacist spit on me while he and his wife swore at me when I was collecting stamps. So I went home, threw my spittle clothes into the hamper, took a shower and set the table for dinner. My shower time cut into my paste stamps time that day since my homework was after dinner.

Who cares? I didn’t since I vowed to myself that I would never tell my parents of the incident in case they were to stop me from collecting stamps. Then I went out the next day to get more donations of stamps at the store with my knees quaking and butterflies in my stomach.

The Jewish parents started the first yogurt company in the US, Dannon. In 1963, they gave me a case of their new flavor — strawberry. 48 containers since they loved me. I ate three and walked the rest up from my parents’ home to the resort’s kitchen since i couldn’t find anyone, not a single person, to eat the rest. So I gave it all to the two camp chefs, a black couple, to whom I was very close. I asked them to please figure out a way to use the rest and they did so.

In the end, anyone who thinks that s/he can stop me from doing that which is right has to reconsider. I never stopped my stance, including during Civil Rights protests in the 1960’s or when sworn at and spit upon.

Here is an article on King. There is plenty that one can read about his three top concerning subjects online, which are also greatly concerning to me.

I dug my heels in harder after he was murdered. I know that people younger than am I will continue to carry onward in his and my footprints after I, too, am long gone.

Read Andrew Bacevich’s article

Martin Luther King’s Giant Triplets

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.




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