George Floyd

Racism can be understood as a belief that one race is superior or inferior to other.      It is not a yesterday’s thing rather it holds its long roots since ages which is still being witnessed in modern  era.

In USA again there occurred an heinous act which led to the shame on the entire world’s humane behaviour. On monday, 25 may, 2020 evening, in Minneapolis, in Minnesota, a forty-six years old black African American named George Floyd was brutally killed in a police custody, the whole incident took place on the road, where a white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George’s neck for almost nine minutes while George was being handcuffed and lying face down on the street.

George was accused of allegedly using a fake $20 bill at a local Cup Foods. A sensitive video showing the white officer pinning George Floyd to the ground with his knee on Floyd’s neck while a handcuffed Floyd repeats ” I can’t breathe.” This video went viral. The incident has made public the reality of the American society. Moreover, this homicide has broadcasted the prevalence of the subcurrent of apartheid in the US civilization.

This is not the first incident in the American society. Prior, to this, there had been several instances when blacks have dealt with this kind of discrimination. In November, 2015, Police shot dead a 24 years old African American man named James Clark. Post death, there were protests for more than two weeks outside the Fourth Police Precinct in Minneapolis, led by Black Lives Matter. There are other incidents too where it is crystal clear that racial essence exist in the US.

In the case of George Floyd, Mayor Jacob Frey has been unambiguous about the episode and made an statement that, “Being black in America should not be a death sentence.”

In USA, the discrimination has been carried out by the whites several times before. The young whites had been involved in killing blacks groups as well. As purchasing a gun in USA is not a big deal. Mass killings by whites has been witnessed before also. But it is harsh to say that when the whites, when are in Police uniform whose job is to protect the lives of American irrespective of colour and caste and giving them security without discriminating them on the basis of colour ; their involvement in these kinds of mishaps surely puts a question on the American Law and Order.

Racism is penetrated deep in the American society. Although, there has been amendments in the laws all over the world to dismantle the racial structure in the develop societies. As in USA too after the enactment of 13th constitutional amendment in the year 1865 put an end to the slavery in the country also seems to be of no use till today, when we are watching these black killings.

Racism is a psychological condition in the US. As the minds of white people are filled with the thoughts that there exist a discrimination on the basis of colour. The young whites learn this pathetic thing in their family first. When we look at the history, we find that Racism holds its place since 16th and 17th century, when the blacks were purchased by the whites for slavery. They were treated as a commodity. This made whites to think that blacks were of low cadre with low capabilities.

The American racism if has to be eradicated from the US society then there should be extremely honest efforts needed from both family and school level. Both of these have to come in a unison to make American society, an equal society.

The Police reforms have to be taken into consideration in the US. The Government should be highly concerned for it and moreover the Gun license policy also to be revised. The easy availability of guns also plays a vital role in the increasing rate of crime in the US multicultural society. The then, President Obama once advocated for the gun reforms but nexus of gun manufacturing companies had an antagonistic view on Obama’s statement which led to no further strengthening of Obama’s view on reforms.

On a whole, to contain racism, widespread honest efforts needed from each and everyone who constitutes this society, whether they are in the government system or not.

Shwetank Srivastava is a politico-economy scholar and a MBA.




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  1. Neha Mishra says:

    George Floyd death has once again brought into light social malaise of USA. it puts questions on progressiveness of US social and political system. I agree with you that primary reason behind racial discrimination is socialisation.

  2. Very well written. Keep up the good woek.

  3. Very well Shwetank keep going ✌️

  4. Mariette says:

    I think George Floy’d case is not the one to discuss when we talk about racism nowadays. Also, it is not an adequate reason to start protesting considering the pandemic situation in the United States firstly because the aggression by the policemen could occur to a white man as well, which we see in different countries. Sometimes police officers use violence to show their dominance of power given them legitimately, in a wrong way, which is a way more different question.
    What about the level of racism in the United States. Considering the fact that America had an African-American president, I think, it is
    exaggerated to state that Americans are acting racist towards black people.
    Also, sometimes black people have an unconscious racist attitude towards white people as well. It might be the natural, self-protective reaction of the phenomenon. As their ancestors and fellows often experience racism from white people, they consider white people potential racists. In the same way, white people are biased that blacks are aggressive. And a conflict between these two races develops daily without no severe reason, having bias or some emotions(not an argument) as a background.
    So the “Black lives matter.” slogan itself is racist, as all lives matter, and it increases the existing discrimination, because, in fact, “all lives matter.” And fighting against discrimination by causing it will not lead to a solution to this “forever” problem.