Taking The Knee

Colin Kaepernick

I have to admit that I am very enthusiastic about taking the knee. It is a symbolic gesture.

Now, my knees are cruddy. They got so bad that twice I was taken by ambulance to a hospital and a rehabilitation center. The fact is that I couldn’t walk and my knees got ruined by saving a policeman’s life.

Would I do my gesture again? You can bet your bottom dollar that I would.

I was so excited about taking the knee after seeing Colin do it, I went to my kitchen, held onto cabinets and took the knee. It made me feel good in support of all of the maligned people of the world.

I saw the photo of a farmer in his nineties taking the knee on his farm. His son took the image of his father taking the knee on the son’s camera.

Colin, himself, is a good football player. He use to work for an NFL team. Not a single team will hire him now since he began taking the knee and teaching others to do so.

I saw a photo of him with police officers in Brooklyn and they clearly supported him. One could see that from their facial expressions and body language. There was some love going on there. The image amply portrayed it.

Now, I have no idea about where Colin came up with the idea to take the knee. Yet I saw a photo of M. L. King, Jr. taking the knee along with others in prayer before going
out in public in a protest march.

Nowadays, a lot of peaceful protesters take the knee at the end of their march. How salient is that?

I would wish that others across the world would take the knee after their protest marches. Doing so can mark that we do not accept racism, intolerance against other people of other religions, mistreatment of natives or other forms of bigotry.

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.



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