Politically Correct


Masked at the face of evil
Turning blind eye to reality,
Clapping for killers
And feeding murderers,
Everyone is politically correct.

Political leaders appoint touts and thugs
Religious leaders ordain Judas,
Cultural leaders erase history
Social leaders act nude and promiscuous,
Traditional leaders title vagabonds
Educational leaders burn certificates,
Because they want to be politically correct.

Judas kissed Jesus
Jesus died and resurrected,
Judas died and died again.

Assassins toast to success
Kidnappers throw banquets
Terrorists rule the land,
All mouths go dumb
They are politically correct.

The army is a camouflage
The police is a sabotage,
The uniform is a subterfuge
And the government is a betrayal,
Because they are politically correct.

In, out, within, without
Up, down, front, back
Left, right, center
They murmur, they trigger war.

They beg killers
And imprison questioners,
They pay kidnappers
And bury pensioners,
They integrate terrorists
And shoot agitators,
It is political correctness.

They invade palaces
And kill kings, and queens
They lay siege at kingdoms
And ruin tribes,
They cut off tongues
Political correctness, everywhere.

Things fell apart long
Before I was even born,
My parents told me stories
And I have already told my unborn,
Because of political correctness.

Suppression, you are a witch
Oppression, you are a wizard
Hate, you are a coward
Tribalism, you are very foolish
Illiteracy, you are a beast
Ignorance, you are a monster,
You hold a people at ransom
And they merry to be politically correct.

Foolish men chain the wise
And the wise die in bondage,
Outdated brains dictate the rule
Brand new heads inhale the fumes
See, this political correctness is blindness.

Deaf and dumb, blind and lame
They besiege you in full force
You, by yourself tie your hands
And shout, you are politically correct.

Resources, human and divine
Materials, man and mankind
Who is fooling you then?

They fight you and your future
They trample on your unborn
They rip wombs and soils
They disvirgin lands and climes
Yet, you are politically correct.

Atrocities happen in your rooms
Sacrileges parade in your domains
Taboos hover around you
Abominations fly over your heads
Desecrations and ungodliness,
Yet, you swallow all
Following your captors like lambs
Tenderly, to the slaughter.

They have made you wolves
You devour only your people
You are now beasts
You feast on your blood
Your people are now your quota
To feed hungry cabals,
You are politically correct, no doubt.

Knives butcher your mothers
Axes dissect your neighbours
Bows and arrows hunt your village
Guns scatter the skulls of your land,
And you are still politically correct.

You have sold conscience and bought money
You bought positions and sold brotherhood
Our ancestors have even forgotten us
In fact, the gods have been bribed,
Hell and earth are corrupt
Nowhere is safe,
Your political accuracy trumpets louder.

Your Kinsmen die, your clans are raped
Your virgins become prostitutes
Your warriors return as corpses
Your heroes run away in shame
Look, your legends have disappeared
Because all of you are politically correct.

The lands of your forefathers are miserable
They are empty and fallow
Forgotten and captured
Cattle, Camel, donkeys, and horses own them,
Your ancestors wish they never bore you.

Heritages, possessions, rights
Gifts, acquisitions, birthrights
People; pass them on to generations,
But political correctness has stolen yours.

You give your children nothing
Because you are a bat
You sold yourself and compromised
People sell, people compromise
But not stupidly and cowardly.

You have taken upon a strange identity
You have worn a stinking apparel
The particular one that suffocated your fathers,
Let political correctness not kill you.

Unveil yourself, see, open your eyes
Retrieve your senses
Who bewitched you?

Blood is never green
And love is never blood,
Unity is not by force
Forces govern, powers conquer
But oneness is by agreement not aggression.

Fairness, equity, justice, peace
Freedom, faith, hope, right, and their siblings
None can be compromised,
And no political correctness can force them.

The government is funny over life
And mean over funniness,
Leadership is not hardship
Rulership is slavery
Political correctness has wiped a land
And they are still not wrong.

Dummies and teddies do not lead
Zombies may not even follow
Robots can do more harm,
Skeletons need breaths
Bones feel no pain
Humans work, not dead bodies,
Political correctness, stop killing us.

They are politically correct
Even when a coup is on, against their manhood
They will willingly cut it off
And surrender to them
Because they want to remain politically correct.

Monkeys, smart moneys
Living on trees, yet they never want to jump,
Birds, eagles, they fear to fly
Lions that fear the jungle
Teachers that are scared of classrooms,
Giants that fear dwarfs
Because they are politically correct,
Not even that they are hungry!!

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker, a graduate of Estate Management with experience in banking and broadcasting. She has authored 22 poetry books, and featured in over 70 international anthologies, she has also published over 250 poems in over 25 countries, and some of her poems have been translated into and published in Spanish, Polish, Farsi, Arabic, Macedonian, Khloe, Russian, Romanian, and other languages. Some of her poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best Of The Net Awards.




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