Mourning 9/11

WTC smoking on 9 11


Forgotten souls

that weep

for an

Unfinished dream,

for a life


that ended in an agony

of twin blasted Implosions.

Forgetting the past —

Al Qaeda Osama

the terror

the horror

of tumbling towers

the cries that pierced

the silences of death


and yet triumphing

Arabian perfumes

silver bricks

Clear the stench of corpses,

Wars for Holy Lands by

the hypersaline lake of the dead or

the fertile banks of Sarayu.


Medievals lanced

did a grizzly dance.

Moderns sign treatise,

pass laws.

Money quenches

flames of charcoal agony

blazing fires of climate change.


Can virus wrapped politics wash away the terror of it?

Is it safe to build towers in New York?


Mitali Chakravarty is a writer and the editor of Borderless Journal.




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