Image courtesy: The Statesman

When the demolishers go scot-free
And a demolition is celebrated
When the inflictors are adored
And the victims are hated

Where violence is celebrated
In the name of the majority
And resistance is suppressed
In the name of minority

Where marginal lives are crushed
And upper lives uplifted
Where highs only rise further high
Where lows only dip further low

Where inequality is justified
And parochialism is glorified
Where freedom loses its meaning
And subjection attains a new leaning

Where highs and lows are justified
And domination and exploitation considered necessary
Where narcissists rule the world
Keeping the world in dark

From the clutches of the hatred mongers
Driven by the madness of irrationality and unreason
Taking everyone towards a hell
From the threat of these enemies
Let the country awake

T Navin is a writer




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