Persecution Relief has recorded more than 90 cases of Hate Crimes against Christians in Uttar Pradesh alone, since January to September 2020.

It is shockingly factual that false conversion charges are so easy to be made against innocent Christians. One such case of False Complaint of Conversion by force was registered against Pastor Moti Lal in a village at District Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh State.

Pastor Moti Lal said “A religious fanatic of our village made a false Complaint against me with the police. He said that I tried to convert a villager by giving money and that this villager resisted and that I further threatened to beat him. But this was all falsely fabricated and ultimately I was booked under IPC 151 section and the police came and took me to Huderganj Police Station. I was held in the Police station from 8AM to 3 PM and then I was released on bail”

Shibu Thomas is the founder of Persecution Relief



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