It was a Disgraceful, Horrific, Yet Fitting Close to the Trump Era

Photo Win McNamee/Getty Images
Mobs carrying Trump “Law & Order” & Gadsen “Don’t Tread on Me’ Flags Breach Locked US Capitol Doors

January 5th, 2021, was another Day of Infamy in US History that bookmarked an unsavory, unseemly, disgraceful, yet fitting close to the ruthlessness of the Trump Era in American and World politics.

It seemingly couldn’t have happened any other way, given the kind of self-centered myopic government that Trump, as a man, as a white supremacist and as a president, has led all his life and during his term in office. In a typically-suicidal manner, tantamount to yet another suicidal moment in history when Adolph Hitler, as his own once much-anticipated dreams of a thousand years of Nazi rule were burning down all around him, locked himself in an underground bunker in Berlin with his inner circle of fascist criminals and, when no other alternative was available, chose to go out in the violent grizzly manner that he and they did.

It was on Trump’s own ‘day of infamy’, that America’s body electric of elected senatorial and congressional representatives prepared to gather in great anticipation, within the august chambers of the US Capitol in Washington, D.C., to formally acknowledge and consecrate the majority will of the American people who now have chosen to assume for the next four years and perhaps still many more years into the future, a markedly different course and direction than that previously chosen by Trump for America and the World.

Yet, at the personal behest of a disgruntled President Trump, unable and unwilling to accept the fate and will of the majority of the American people, thousands of Trump’s similarly disgruntled followers, representing a cross-section of America’s conservative, right-wing, fascist, white supremacist elements in America, like zombies following a Trumpian homing device, were drawn to the US Capitol to ‘storm the Bastille’, Confederate flags unfurled, occupy the US Capitol’s august chambers, and somehow, they knew not quite how, either through a violent coup, insurrection or other seditious means dictated by their Commander-in-Chief, interfere with this time-honored vestige of American government, and reverse the election results in their favor.

It was a classic ‘Banana Republic’ attempt by militant groups like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and hosts of other street thugs, anarchists and terrorist-minded citizenry to reverse history, as doomed to fail as is their Trumpian leader’s still megalomaniacal phantasies to ‘rule the world’ as he would make it. Yet for all their violent outrageous actions of the protestors to try to disrupt and reverse the functions of American government, that tragically led to the death of one of their own protestors, a woman who had seen combat military service in the Middle East, the deliberations of the US Senate and House of Representatives were only delayed for a few insignificant hours.

One can only imagine what the final bloody outcome would have actually been, and the multitude of deaths of the protestors that would have occurred, had this protest not solely have been by White Americans but  instead been a protest solely by Black and Brown Americans. The mind shudders to even think of the ugly, grizzly consequences.

In the end, that very same night, the formal acknowledgement by elected politicians of America’s rule of law was duly carried out and the Biden Administration’s right to assume power in an orderly and peaceful manner has now been assured on January 20th’s Inauguration Day. But will it given the unpredictable tenor of the times?

However, in other less civilized, more lawless Banana Republic government’s the actions of Trump and his followers wouldn’t go unpunished. They would either end up being shot, executed, exiled or censured in some significant, painful way. It remains to be seen what the United States lawmakers will decide to do in response. Will they dare to invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, that has never yet been acted upon in the Nation’s history?

But this ugly new day of infamy in America’s history is a painful reminder of the extent to which the American people and their government still remains so deeply divided, and the cancerous ideological sicknesses of racism, sexism and corporate greed still remains so deeply imbedded within the American soul; not to mention the still haunting legacy of slavery that birthed its nation, the civil war that once historically pitted brother and sister against brother and sister and left so many untreated, unresolved physically, mental and spiritual wounds, and now continue to rile throughout America’s political party’s themselves. All such divisive social and political forces still very much alive that will only continue to fester until all the accrued poisons finally have somehow been fully lanced and duly treated.

The other, still unknown, side to this raw and festering Day of Infamy is the as yet unaccounted for potentially immediate serious effects of mortal illness and death that this now past violent incident will have on the entire American populace, in the near and distant future, as a super-spreader of the COVID Pandemic. Most of all the protestors during the screaming, violent occupation of the US Capitol wore no protective masks or gloves and practiced no social distancing whatsoever. These protestors already have, or are about to return to their families and jobs to the farthest reaches of the United States. Officials can only now wait while they count the days until the next deadly wave of spikes begin to appear.

Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who, for decades, has sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by excessive mega-development and host of related environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (, a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that has led to numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul



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