India Palestine Solidarity Forum Condemn The Israeli Apartheid Regime

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More than 130 prominent Indians condemn the attacks on the Palestinian worshippers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque & the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, by the Israeli apartheid regime.

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, as they valiantly resist the Israeli attempts to target & ethnically cleance the residents of Sheikh Jarrah & Silwan, both suburbs of East Jerusalem.

We also categorically condemn the Israeli regime in their continued attempts to undermine & destroy the Al-Aqsa Masjid, Islam’s third holiest shrine. A section of the extremist-Zionist Jews are committed to the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock, in their stated bid to rebuild the Third Temple of Solomon. This poses catastrophic consequences for all of humanity & these fanatical designs must be foiled at all costs.

Both these provocative attacks are essentially part of the Israeli policy of the Judaization of Jerusalem, all of Palestine, even as they are committed to destroying the Christian & Islamic civilizational heritage of the Holy Land.

Thus the Palestinains stand united as they defend both the Al-Aqsa Masjid & the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. For centuries, the Palestinians have always safeguarded the Jewish, Christian & Islamic heritage of the Holy Land, a heritage that the Zionist fascist regime in Tel Aviv is committed to destroying.

Through the course of her rich history, Palestine has always epitomised a multi-religious inclusive society based on the ethos of mutual respect & co-existence.

The Israeli intransigence worsened due to Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century”, whereby he gave away all of Jerusalem to Israel, in contravention of all International laws & basic human morality. Israel was further emboldened by the open betrayal of certain Arab regimes, who entered into agreements with Israel, all at the cost of Palestine. Today both the Trumpian deals, as well as the Arab collaborators stand exposed for their utter failures.

Israel is an entity built on the Zionist ideology of ethno-religious supremacism, apartheid, occupation, settler colonialism & ethnic cleansing. This is more than evident in the Israeli attempts to forcefully evict & ethnically cleance the Jerusalemite residents of Sheikh Jarrah & Silwan, all of the West Bank & the continued siege of Gaza.

In the case of Sheikh Jarrah, currently at the centre of international attention, the families being targeted are victims of the Israeli ethnic cleansing of 1948. Then in the 1960’s, they were later resettled in Sheikh Jarrah by the then Jordanian Government & UNRWA. Now these very victims of Israeli ethnic cleansing, are once again being targeted! More than half the Palestinian population, namely 7,50,000, were driven from their land, reduced to refugees by the Israeli invaders.

Here the Israeli courts, army & the police, all abet & support the Zionist Settlers. Thus the only path open to the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, is the path of resistance.

Today the “Movement to Save Sheikh Jarrah” has evolved into a Palestinian national cause, an international cause & we the People of India, the People of the World stand with the Palestinian nation in their struggle against Israeli colonial occupation.

The Indian ethos has been one of pluralism, of mutual respect & co-existence of all religions. Thus the nations of the world must unite & chart the course ahead, that is based on dialogue & reconciliation for a just solution to this crisis.

In the best traditions of our anti-colonial freedom struggle, we appeal to the Government of India to unequivocally condemn the Israeli acts of provocation & ethnic cleansing & express support for the Palestinian nation.

We also appeal to the social movements across the country to actively stand in solidarity with the Palestinian freedom struggle.

Dr. Suresh Khairnar (IPSF, National President)

Feroze Mithiborwala (IPSF, National Gen. Sec.)

Dr. Sunilam (IPSF, Vice-President)

Kishor Jagtap (IPSF, Vice-President)

Shahid Pradhan (IPSF, Vice-President)

Shujaat Ali Quadri (IPSF, Vice-President)



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