Vaccine Passport

  • Ever since COVID-19 pandemic appeared, the year 2020 saw advocates of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) vending it as a preventive and later curative medicine for Coronavirus infection. The Indian Government ‘gifted’ HCQ to sixty odd countries. Subsequent research found the drug to be useless.
  • Till date no curative medicine has been discovered. Whatever treatment is given in clinics/hospitals/ICUs qualifies only to be symptomatic management.
  • The year 2021 saw experts propagate COVID-19 vaccine as a mantra to end the pandemic. The experts emphasized that if 70% of population in a country is fully vaccinated, the rest of 30% will escape infection due to the ‘herd immunity’.
  • Recent developments indicate that developed countries in Europe; the USA – where about 70% population has been fully vaccinated – are seeing increase of cases often exponentially. Whither herd immunity? India with only 30% fully vaccinated people is seeing decreasing number of cases.
  • More people have died due to COVID-19 in USA for instance in 2021 than in 2020 – the year when vaccine was not even in existence.
  • Throughout 2021 there have been worldwide protests against compulsory vaccination seen in USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia e.g. India (Nagaland) and Africa e.g. Morocco.
  • Everywhere the protesters have been dubbed as vaccine hesitant. No attempt has been made to enter into a meaningful dialogue with the protesters. The judiciary – in many countries as well as the European Court of Human Rights – is seen to have aligned itself with the political class, corporate press, drug industry and international medical establishment (WHO). Dissent is being stifled.
  • People with conscientious objection to compulsory COVID-19 vaccination have no redress. Under the garb of COVID-19 democratic, constitutional, legal and human rights of citizens of the world are being buried six fathoms deep.

[P. S. Sahni is a member of AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan (ABVA) and has worked in six epidemics/infectious diseases – Cholera (1971) West Bengal, bordering Bangladesh; Small Pox Eradication Program (1974) Bihar; Leprosy (1984-89); Cholera (1988) Delhi; Plague (1994) Delhi; HIV/AIDS (1988 onwards).

He has stopped using the prefix Dr. with his name in a personal, principled protest against the ‘sarkari’ (read ‘durbari’) medical experts; a section of bureaucracy and politicians of all hues (opposition as well as ruling party) against COVID-19 management].



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