NATOstan: She’s looking at YOU


NATOstan: she’s looking at YOU. A Roma untermensch packaged by Ukrainian “democracy”.

The above picture and text is from a tweet by Pepe Escobar.

Is this what you are supporting? That’s great. I am not. I have never been to the territory of the Russian Federation nor of Ukraine; but; I don’t need to; because there is no way I can support this anywhere on Planet Earth.

I do however understand chess, (although I am a fairly averagely capable player), but I got to know the comprehensive English Chess circuit in a roundabout way, as my son liked to play the game and was quite good at it at an early age and we travelled together to numerous chess tournaments throughout the United Kingdom when he was about 11 years old; that itself being about 11 years ago, and we have both met many Russians and Ukrainians in London, who play the game avidly.

Everyone I ever met were civilised, normal and deeply empathetic people, who placed great emphasis on decency and dignity. They were also deeply intelligent and had a great humane awareness of the world around them.

These individual chess matches would go on for 3 hours at a minimum stretch and have you sitting over the board with your opponent as some games can go on for 6 hours. As my son played, I would be left to wait outside the halls or the rooms where they played and I got to know many different people, with whom I became good friends as we would talk chess, life and politics.

Chess players tend to smoke a lot and that is also something that was also a common bind amongst us.

I got to meet Vladimir, who was in Vietnam as one of the approximately 4000+ technical advisers during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He did 3 tours there within a period of 5 years. The Soviet Union never admitted to having advisers in Vietnam and their roles and presence have never been openly acknowledged.

Vladimir’s task was to teach the People’s Army of Vietnam or as the Americans called them – North Vietnamese Army or NVA, the technical intricacy of anti-aircraft Surface to Air Missiles, SAMs, which were essential deployment against the massive and constant rolling American carpet bombing from the skies.

Vladimir is from Ukraine or the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic as it was then an integral part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

He would talk about how they and the Vietnamese realised that what killed you were the shock waves from those explosions which expanded the air in the nasal cavity and you then died from the subsequent internal bleeding that was caused, as you bled through your eyes, ears and nose.

The way to mitigate the shock waves that caused air to compress and then expand in rapid tight concentric waves around these massive explosions was to dig a trench and lie in it and wait for the shockwaves to pass over you. That is why there were so many tunnels dug in Vietnam.

During the American carpet bombing of Iraq in 1991, the Vietnamese advised the Iraqis to dig shallow 6 foot trenches, but it was of no use as the Americans had upped their game in the 20 years since they fled Saigon in 1975 and Iraq was destroyed via waves of satellite guided heavy missiles that were designed to penetrate down to 10 feet or more and carve out the foundations of buildings, roads and cities.

Infact, the sonic booms from these newer flying bombs in 2003 even wrecked the excavated sites of Ur, Nineveh, Babylon (Hillal), Babel; places in Iraq which are actually mentioned in the Bible. The same Holy Book that the US Armed Forces carried with them as they went about systematically annihilating the very places in the book which they worship.

Vladimir said that the American aim in Vietnam seemed to be to just bomb relentlessly anything and everything, without any sort of military aim; as if just to expend maximum bomb ordnance for the sake of it on a lesser people who somehow deserved it.

Vladimir’s role was to modify and install the Soviet SAMs into deep camouflaged trenches and thus create an air defence system that was then transported through these tunnels.

It worked as the American bombers had to fly higher to avoid these incoming SAMs, as they continued their aerial slaughter of the people of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Over 3,000,000 people were murdered by the Americans in Vietnam and they still cannot give you an answer as to why.

Now how does all this relate to Ukraine, Vladimir’s experience in Vietnam and that haunting picture above? Well, you see in 2012; when Ukraine co-hosted the UEFA Championships; these were the headlines and news stories from the British Media. This below being from the Guardian.

If you click on the images you can visit the links to these articles which are still on the internet.


I actually wanted to go as England were in Group D and their group matches were in Ukraine. But, the BBC was actively encouraging the Asian and Caribbean football public not to go. The reason being that there was a Nazi Skinhead problem even at that time.


Even the famous CNN had this to say below.


Now, today, these very same press and media outlets paint Ukraine as a bastion of freedom, democracy, European values of decency and harmony. This same press now advocates for NATO to send in “technical advisers” as “non-combatants” to install anti-missile systems “assisting” the “heroic” Ukrainians to defend themselves from Russian airstrikes and missile barrages.

The Left leaning public within the United Kingdom are equating this intervention to what the Americans did to Vietnam, but it is not the same. Vietnam was not a fascist state over-run by racists and Nazis. Vladimir went there in the 1970s to help them defend themselves against an Imperialist maniac war machine which was gleefully and proudly – “bombing them back to the Stone Age”.

Russia has intervened in Ukraine to prevent a proto-fascist state developing on her border which directly threatens her existence. America intervened in Vietnam to prevent the domino effect of Communism which was never a threat to America’s existence as a nation state.

Nor was Iraq any direct threat, even though Madeline NotSoBright shamelessly spoke her mind when she said that the death of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it. Again, we still don’t know why? What was worth their cruel death by starvation? It will always remain a mystery as NotSoBright herself did not really know as to why she did it.

The Russians are not laying Ukraine to waste as America did to Iraq, where they destroyed city after city; down to the schools, hospitals, sewage and water plants, electricity stations, roads, railways, universities, people’s houses and apartment dwellings. Carpet bombed everything and civilisationally annihilated them, again; for no reason, except perhaps just for the fun of it.

In Laos and Cambodia, the Americans dropped so much explosive that there are still unexploded bombs which are killing farmers and children even 50 years after they were stopped.

For 72 non-stop days America and NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 like it was an entertainment.

Russia is carefully and selectively destroying Ukraine’s military infrastructure within the rules of engagement against the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but they are killing without remorse the Nazi militias and mercenaries. If they were not, then the civilian death toll would have been far higher, and the Ukrainian Authorities would have highlighted them relentlessly. CNN even have correspondents in Lviv, and they are not reporting on wanton scenes of destruction and death caused by Russian strikes.

That is not the same as what the Americans did in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Serbia, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, where they engaged in mass indiscriminate civilian slaughter on a Biblical scale of destruction.

The British press in 2012 highlighted the Fascist Nazi cancer in Ukraine but ten years later in 2022 will not show you the first picture of the young girl, who is a Ukrainian citizen by the way.

America will attempt to prolong this conflict and create a destabilised country in the heart of Europe that will be a breeding ground for White Aryan Nation Fascists and Islamic Jihadis that will turn it into a Ukrainian Londonistan that will remain at the edge of Europe as a perpetual urban war zone.

The Guardian reading intellectuals with their expensive private education and eloquent command of the English language where they cheat you with beautifully pronounced phrases and slick quotes, are deeply unaware of history and are exposing themselves as corrupt Agents of Empire and Imperialism.

You cannot equate what Vladimir did in Vietnam with what you plan NATO to do, as in, defend Ukraine against “Russian Imperialism” as in Vietnam against America. If you do, then you are defending a deeply Fascist entity that you; NATO, created and nurtured that will now dismember Europe into warring factional nation states.

Where does chess play into all this? Well, again, the best chess players have always come from Central Europe and the Soviet Chess Schools of the USSR.

Ukraine, Russia and America will work this out, leaving Europe looking like amateurs who memorised a few chess openings and think they can now project themselves as intellectually divine with their received pronunciations that make them look, ever so; posh, when in fact they find it a challenge to tie their shoe laces in a tidy knot.

The Left has been exposed as having been paid off and being too caught up in their own stupidity. To me, at least, I don’t know about you, what the Russian Federation is doing with regard to a – Special Operation to DeNazify and DeMilitarise Ukraine seems to be legitimate.

If it were not then why do you have the first picture and where is NATO for her but NATO is straining on the leash to help the dying Azov Battalion, the Right Sector and every Nationalist Fascist entity in Europe that have gravitated to Ukraine illegally. Or, is it that being a fascist entity itself, NATO enjoys and encourages this?

I would like to end with this picture below.

neo nazi

Supratim Barman, MSc – Queen Mary – University of London. Kolkata, The Republic of India. I live between the two extreme edges of what was the British Empire, in the vast and important cities of Kolkata and London; with the midpoint being where I was born and where I grew up, Bahrain: observing and experiencing events in a time of great change.


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