The images that I saw on screen

Could never compete with the images in real life

The magic lantern never had

The magic of real life.

Stories were too many

To blast any troubled brain

With experiences and ideas unlimited.

In an attempt to reduce life in frames

The creation of images became superior

To the creation of life itself.


The buckets of tears that I listened to

Passed through me as urine

Some found it medicinal

And some saw it as fire.

Listening to the angry threats and abuses

I pissed on those powers again and again.


The lightning of imagination hit me from nowhere

Forcing me to act as a raindrop from a wet leaf

Falling on a field of burning charcoal of angst.

The eyes that cannot see and the ears that cannot listen

And the numbness of minds stood in front.


Between the broken shadows of the past

And the shattered mirrors of the future

I still walk towards an unknown window

In search of a twilight.


K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist and writer

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