Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra stages 6th Conference in Rudrapur in Uttarakhand


Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra concluded its 6th conference in Radrapur in Uttarakhand from 2-3rd October.It was a most eventful or colourful occasion with the red banner of working class resistance flying high. A qualitative event in context of confronting the opression of the working class from imperialist and capitalist opression.

Over a considerable period of time this organization has made a sustained effort to steer the working class movement on class lines .It engulfed many a working class pocket North India..Whatever differences one may have one can’t deny that it undertook qualitative work in working class pockets, striving to imbibe Marxist political education .It also did not neglect wok in the organised sector. It has placed emphasis on mass work in accordance with workers consciousness. It stressed on not converting a workers mass platform into a revolutionary party front. It has integrated students and youth into their work. Although it adheres to path of Socialist revolution and no New Democratic path Important Marxist Leninist sections have appreciated it’s contribution.

Positive to have witnessed participation of even youth, students, farmers, labourers.and govt.employees.

The organization in the closed session made a thorough review of the work it undertook in the last 3 years .It passed resolutions condemning Hindutva fascism, supporting resistance of Sri lankan people against capitalist opression, condemned Agnipath as an attack on people’s rights and highlighted anti-people labour laws. paid homage to the working class martyrs Comrades Rohit and Suchendra Singh resided the review and resolutions .They projected issues in context of the neo-fascist Hindutva wave .It stressed on workers raising their fists against  the Modi wave. The imperative need to have supported the farmers movement against agricultural bills was also spoken about. The intensification of economic crisis and capitalist oppression in Europe and America was too portrayed,  They were received with great enthusiasm by the delegates.

In the open session in Ambedkar park member Khimanand projected how the situation worldwide was aggravating in every sphere. it was discussed how covid was utilized to break the backbone of all workers unity. In depth the session summed up how the ruling classes were in political, economic spheres and cultural spheres designing a system to alienate the working class. In depth it delved into how corporate loot was intensifying day by day and how acts like NRC or NPR were taking the nation to a fascist road. Issues like gross retrenchment, price rise, unemployment were also addressed link was established between the pro-corporate policies and Hindutva fascsim.

Cultural programmes were conducted by youth and students which evoked good response.

In the concluding session leaders of over 20 organizations gave their fraternal messages, boosting the spirit of the participants. Postive to see support from so many other mass organisations.

It has been planned to stage a huge rally in Delhi at Rashtrapati Bhavan on November 13th to challenge the rustication of 4workers belonging to MASA.Prabhat Dani of Uttarkhand revolutionary party projected how the policies of the ruling party were an enemy of the workers, students, youth, farmers, landless workers and Adivasis and the urgent need of all basic classes to unite.

The conference concluded with a procession rally with workers vociferously raising slogans condemning the anti-people policy of the Modi led BJP, The tyranny of the corporates, Black laws, the supression of dissent, Hinduva fascism etc.The workers expressed their relentless spirit to combat the barbaric social order.

Other organisations participating included Krantikari Kisan Sanghatana, Theka Kalpana Mazdoor Union, Mahila Ekta Kendra, INTARC shramik Union, BSNL Pensioner Association, Krantikari Lok adhikar Sanghatana , Parvartankama Vidhyarti Sanghatana ,Auto line Union, Belsonika Mazdoor Union .etc.

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist who has covered mass movements around India  and studied peoples movements.


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