Raja Biscuit company workers protest for being denied wages


On 17th October in Sidkuk Haridwar the workers of Raja Biscuit Company lodged an intense protest for having been denied wages for a period of 5 months .First they marched towards the labour office; giving a notice to the commisoner.Then they approached the district office, submitting a memorandum to the labour rights commissioner. For 15 years the workers toiled for the Raja Biscuit Company. Since February production came to halt, salaries not paid, The workers are on the verge of facing grave consequences with the festival season approaching. They are unable to afford school fees for their children, or afford adequate housing and rations, with prices soaring. They have been entrapped in virtual life or death situation.

Such practices are routine in India today and part and parcel of the objective of globalisation policies to lay off workers.

Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra, Bhel workers Union,Pargitisheel Mazdoor Eka Kendra ,Mazdoor Sanghatna Samiti,and Satyam auto components Union, participated.

Prominent activists were Bishen Puri,Brij  Mohan,Sonam,Kavita,Anita,Sunita,Sibodh Kaushik,SAjab Ali,Pradeep,Rajneesh Tyagi,Ramesh Chandra,Ankit,Vivek,Ranjana,Rajveer Singh,Deepak Kuar Vijay, Nanhe Singh,Avdesh Kumar, Bajraj Singh,Ashok Gii Chandresh Kumar ,JItendra Negi.

Denying Diwali bonus to Interarc Workers

In Interarc Company 600 Workers were denied Deepawali bonus for staging a protest against exploitation. Union leaders highlighted about the manner laws were manoeuvred in favour of the management, to enable it to control all proceedings. The management also suspended all production to nullify the resistance. A Mazdoor mahapanchayat is planned at Udam Singh Nagar on 18th November, to highlight how managements manipulate all conditions to promote the welfare of industrialists and how all laws declared consolidate the monopoly of the capitalist class. Ironic that for a so called festival of the masses workers have been stripped of their rights to bonus.

It illustrates the manner our social order victimises workers for sheerly raising voice for  the fruits of their labour.

Assault on worker Arvind

On 7th August goondas unleashed an attack on a worker Arvind in Shahabad dairy. It started with a tussle in which the goondas were attacked the neighbours and women next to Arvind’s residence. When Arvind came out to defend them 15-20 goondas   hit him with a beer bottle and steel rod.Arvind had to be hospitalised, with serious wounds inflicted on him. These goondas were responsible for corrupting little children, promoting drugs, bootlegging, dacoities, selling mobiles etc.

On October 18th the workers submitted a memorandum to the SP and the Deputy Police Commmissoner.However the police rejected it and threatened to enforce section 144, dragging the workers to Jantar Mantar.In accordance with the doctors report IPC 307shouldbe lodged on the culprits .The police treated the protesting workers like criminals.

Such reports testify how injustice to the workers is so deeply penetrated in our social order, with every design intensifying the stranglehold of the industrialists and the profit making machinery.

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist who has covered mass movements around India


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