Al-Aqsa Mosque Waiting for the Arab Leaders

al aqsa mosque attack

Truth has its own Language

How do you contemplate wisdom, reason and respect for tolerance and decency out of the political chaos, blind terror, religious awe, and moral and intellectual hatred filled trajectory submerged in inhuman action? The live video portrayal across the global networks of  Israeli police using stern grenades, smoking blasts and beating the worshipers at midnight prayers during the month of fasting (Ramadan) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque – the Third holiest site in Islam. The Israeli Police Commissioner termed it as “a terrible impact of police behavior.”  A flip flop of mediocre expression of the prevalent reality. At loss is the decadent culture of human thinking, behavior and integrity and failure miserably to respect the others – the innocent and helpless worshippers, if you want to be respected for your national identity and religious values. The souls of Abraham, Ishmael, Ishaq, Jacob resting in neighboring Al-Khalil (Hebron), and Moses and Jesus must have been tormented by the extreme wing of the Israeli political governance under PM Netanyahu. There is a chronic problem of irresistible political and religious necessity to dehumanize Palestinians in particular and Muslims in general that the State of Israel occupies their Third Holiest site in East Jerusalem. Netanyahu desperately needs diversion and unthinkable conflicts for his own survival and to avert the massive 14 weeks long public protests and new kind of socio-political chaos to balance his weak and corrupt leadership. What is the core impulse of the problem?

This was not the first incident of politically geared hatred and primitive tyranny against the Abrahamic Faith worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Ramzy Baroud, a Palestine scholar explains in his 2014 article: Al-Aqsa vs. Israel: The Lurking Danger Beneath” (Uncommon Thought Journal: 3/14/2014):  Something sinister is brewing around and below al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, and it has the hallmark of a familiar Israeli campaign to strip the Mosque of its Muslim Arab identity. This time around, however, the stakes are much higher. It was on February 25, 1994, that US-born Jewish extremist Baruch Goldstein stormed into the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Palestinian city of al-Khalil (Hebron) and opened fire. The aim was to kill as many Arabs as he could.

At that moment, nearly 800 Muslim worshipers were kneeling down during the dawn prayer in the holiest month of the Muslim Calendar; Ramadan. He killed up to 30 people and wounded over 120. Exactly 20 years later, the Israeli army stormed al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest Muslim site, and opened fire. The timing was no accident…… That same dangerous combination – rightwing politicians allied with religious zealots – is at work once more. They are eyeing Al-Aqsa for annexation; the same way the Israeli government is laboring to permanently annex large swathes of the occupied West Bank….

Global Reaction to Israeli Police attack on the Worshippers

AT the UNO Hqt, New York, thousands of concerned masses held protest against the Israeli police incursion and attacks on the Muslim worshipers inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Palestinians call it ‘Haram-Sharif’ – a Place of Honor and Respect. Like other religious followers, Jews, Christians, Muslims and others were active participants calling to global audience for respect of the sacred site and reasoned conflict resolution and peace between Palestine and Israel.

At the edge of reason, Israeli political leaders under PM Nethanyu appear to be victims of ignorance, religious immorality and imbecility to have ordered the police to raid the Al-Aqsa mosque. Had they known who the Prophet Abraham, Ishaq, Jacob , Joseph, Moses and Jesus were and what were their teaching, beliefs and practices, they would have never dared to tyrannize the innocent worshipers at the mosque. Muslims in their daily five time prayers send salutations to Abraham, and his progeny and their belief and respect is an integral part of the Islamic faith. No Palestinian or other Muslims could ever dare to disrupt the Jewish worshipers or insult the Prophets of Islam – Abraham, Ishaq, Jacob, Moses and Jesus. It was only convenient and self-serving interest to the extreme right wings of Israeli political governance.  But the real issue rests not with Judaism; it is the “Zionism” that governs the minds and Israeli political construct.

Alan Hart – an American Jewish scholar a former BBC Panorama and ITN Middle East correspondent with a vast first-hand knowledge of the subject narrates in his 2010 book: ZIONISM, THE REAL ENEMY OF
THE JEWS / Volume III Conflict Without End?

Alan Hart (“Zionism and Peace Are Incompatible” Dissident Voice, Oct 21, 2010), explains the core problem embedded in Zionism:
“Zionism is not only Jewish nationalism which created a state in the Arab heartland mainly by terrorism and ethnic cleansing. It is also a pathological mindset. In the deluded Zionist mind the world was always anti-Jew and always will be. It follows that Holocaust II (shorthand for another great turning against Jews) is inevitable. It follows that there can be no limits to what Zionism will do in order to preserve nuclear-armed Greater Israel as a refuge of last resort for all Jews everywhere when the world turns against them……. But alas, reality continues to slap everyone in the face: Zionism and peace are incompatible. I will say it again, Zionism and peace are incompatible.”

Are the Arab Leaders and Custodians of the Holy Mosques Alive?

While the world was watching the most pernicious actions and its consequences on news screen, most Arab leaders lacking moral and intellectual profile and reasoning were obsessed with their own personal agenda items and strategic priorities. While political tyranny and cynicism rules across the Middle East, landscape, what this author narrated some 20 years earlier (“Arab Ummah vs. Muslim Ummah, Who you were and where you are?” Media Monitors network, May 8, 2002), remains unchanged. The contemporary leaders pose no moral, intellectual or political challenge to Israeli leadership and the occupation. If the Arab people were united and had educated and intelligent leadership would have changed the shape and forms of contemporary hopeless affairs. Should the authoritarian Arab leaders not be questioned and held accountable for their incompetence, treachery and failure to protect the interests of the Arab people?

“World observers describe the Arab leaders as “defeated” cronies who capitalize on inflicted miseries of the masses to build palaces and to increase foreign bank balances. Is it possible that the defeated parties could pressure the victors? Or demand favorable terms and conditions on issues which involve life and death questions? ……When you discarded Islam, you left behind all its merits and claims. Your leaders believe, you are an economic man and women like the Western cultures, they work to earn, you consume fatty dinners and enjoy 4 wheels cruiser without working for it. Your enemies are happy; you are true believers in progressive economic myths and life styles. But your leaders are without followers, without sense of responsibility or guilt. Most Western political analysts believe Arab leaders hardly bother to use their brain; it is always new and fresh like a baby.”

The Arab people, politics (if any) and culture needs a navigational change to coexist with moral and intellectual demands of the 21st century. They are prisoners and divided in sectarianism in their countries. Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard (“TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS AND OUR WAY OF LIFE: WHAT’S NEXT” 09/2001), fascinated us with her ideas and vision she had shared decades ago on the Islamic civilization:
 “There was once a civilization that was the greatest in the world….
And this civilization was driven more than anything, by invention. Its architects designed buildings that defied gravity. Its mathematicians created the algebra and algorithms that would enable the building of computers, and the creation of encryption. Its doctors examined the human body, and found new cures for disease. Its astronomers looked into the heavens, named the stars, and paved the way for space travel and exploration……..

Recently, a Palestinian old woman was reported with a heart attack and the attending physician explained that for long she was waiting to be free by the marching Arab armies and Generals. But the other day she heard roaring sounds and public outbursts and she imagined that perhaps Arab armies had come but she was told there are no Arab armies and no Generals and that crowd cheering and noise was coming from a football match and consequently she fell on ground and fainted. No wonder, why the Palestinians have no proactive leadership and are highly disorganized. They failed to have a united purpose for sustainable change in the Middle East.  The Prince of the UAE chatting with the UAE newsmaker tv network about his new pets and blond wife, when asked about the attack on the worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, he was not aware at all. He sounded optimistic to ask the CIA for authentic information. The Saudi royals when contacted for comments by the Truth digger foreign network made a surprise statement that they enjoyed friendship with Nethayau and American leadership and hope to conduct peace talks on Palestine-Israel relationship in the near future. How long would Al-Aqsa Mosque wait for the neo-colonial kings, prince and presidents of the Arab world, asked one Imam of the Saudi mosque in Friday sermon? It is reported that he was put under house arrest for his own safety. Imagine the history when Arabs were the pioneer of new knowledge, scientific and technological discoveries and human development and where do they stand today in global analysis? Please see by this author: “The Arab Time Capsule: Once You were the Leaders of Islamic Civilization” Al-Jazeerah Editorial: 02/01/2010:

“It is highly probable that but for the Arabs, modern European civilization would never have arisen at all; it is absolutely certain that but for them, it would not have assumed that character which has enabled it to transcend all previous phases of evolution. For although there is not a single aspect of European growth in which the decisive influence of Islamic culture is not traceable, nowhere is it so clear and momentous as in the genesis of that power which constitutes the paramount distinctive force of the modern world and the supreme source of its victory-natural science and the scientific spirit.”  Robert Briffault (The Making of Humanity, London, 1918), Professor at Cambridge University. UK.

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution and international affairs with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution, 2019.


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