Why American Voters Should At Least Listen to What Robert Kennedy Jr. Has to Say

Robert Kennedy Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr. is one of the most interesting candidates to have emerged in the USA presidential race in recent years. While some would identify him as the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and son of former Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy (both of whom were very important voices for peace and justice but were assassinated in highly suspicious circumstances with allegations of high-level insider involvement), Robert Kennedy Jr. has many distinct achievements of his own which make him very different from the normal run of candidates of recent years.

In particular it may be noted that at a time when it has been made terribly difficult for anyone in the political establishment of the USA to speak against the Ukraine policy of the Biden regime in general and the unending supply of weapons in particular, Robert Kennedy Jr. has shown the courage to speak against this and the wider proxy war, as also the long-continuing terrible violence of the war on terror. He has also spoken against the misuse of their excessive powers by agencies like the CIA, about which his illustrious uncle, the former President JFK, too had warned in very strong words. He has spoken even more consistently against the excesses of corporate power causing much harm worldwide and the collusion of politicians in this.

What is no less important is that Robert Kennedy Jr. has been very active as a senior environmental lawyer who has confronted some of the most powerful multinational companies (including agribusiness giants engaged in relentless spread of GM crops) in such crucial areas as health, food and agriculture. Needless to add, such courageous work can be helpful for protecting environment and reducing hazards in the entire world.

He has won very important cases against such powerful interests and they have launched a disinformation campaign against him. The most common word used to describe him is that of anti-vaxxer ( or someone speaking against vaccination ), ignoring the fact that what he has been emphasizing in this context most is that several giant pharmaceutical multinational companies have been using the vaccine and medicine sectors in unethical ways to increase their control of these sectors and to ruthlessly maximize their profits, often at the cost of people and their health , as is brought out by the emergence of many billionaires in the health sector and unprecedented increase in their wealth at a time when people have been suffering so much from health related problems.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has taken further his critique of big health sector multinational sector companies and very senior officials in collusion with them in a 450 page, densely printed book packed with notes and references, building on the work of many eminent scientists and doctors. Many unethical efforts were made to block or obstruct the spread of this book titled ‘The Real Anthony Fauci—Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’. Despite this, the book has sold over a million copies in a short time of a few months. When confronted by anti-vaxxer name-calling, Robert Kennedy has frequently said—tell me where I am wrong. I have referenced everything I have said. Tell me where I am factually wrong. Yet the critics persist with just the name –calling. So who is running away from debate? Robert Kennedy or his critics?

This is certainly not written as an endorsement for all views or policy recommendations of Robert Kennedy which will no doubt unroll in much greater detail and diversity as the presidential election campaign proceeds, also keeping in view the fact that at the time of elections political exigencies and practical considerations sometimes result in candidates making peculiar compromises. All that appears to be clear so far is that here is a presidential candidate who appears to be willing to take a strong and clear stand against unchecked corporate power and unchecked corporate-politician collusion, who appears to be willing to speak against the military industrial establishment and its endless quest for selling highly destructive weapons, as well as against war-mongering by powerful elites. The least that can be demanded for such a candidate is for voters to hear him out more patiently and to try to understand what he is aiming at, what he is trying to achieve.

As the USA is the most powerful country, the entire world has a stake in US elections. Seen from the perspective of justice, peace and environment protection, in many years we now have a candidate for the first time who, on the basis of his past record, would curb rather than promote those corporate interests which are closely involved in promoting various hazardous technologies all over the world, who would be a force for peace and disarmament, and would try to stop the forever wars (including the Ukraine proxy-war).

Whether such a candidate can win in the present USA system is another matter, but it is a matter of some relief at least that such a voice still exists in the US Presidential election.

Bharat Dogra is Honorary Convener, Campaign to Save Earth Now. His recent books include Planet in Peril, A Day in 2071 and India’s Quest for Sustainable Farming ad Healthy Food.

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