Stop legitimising hatemongers and goons

haryana violence

The violence in Mewat region and subsequently in Gurugram has shocked the people but perhaps was not surprising as 2024 is nearing and efforts will be made to create such scenario to polraise public opinion. We all know, who have benefitted from such polarisation. So Bajrang Dal and other Hindutva organisations become hyper active. They have not done any other work which could be said of helping the poor and the marginalised. The only work they do is to become the monitor of their area and resort to Hindu Muslim binary for any issue confronting the society.

Every year, during the month of July, we see their tantrums. Your being religious or faithful is no issue. Kanwad Yatra process has become a bone of contention. As the governments have virtually converted Kanwad Yatra into a ‘freedom movement’ and the yatris have become VIP even at the cost of traffic snarls. The problem is not about making them VIPs but allowing them to do anything and get away with it. Hence, these VIPs often indulge in violence if anything come on their way or any one altercate with them. Normally, people now have understood. Initially, they would go from Hardwar to rest of the country particularly, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Interestingly, there was no concept of Kanwad Yatra in the Uttarakhand State but now as the glamor and glorification has now been related to Kanwar Yatra, the ‘devotees’ are allowed to go to Gaumukh to bring water. This is creating deep disturbances in Uttarakhand as the infrastructure is not there and the Kanwariyas look down upon the local people.

Now, in the plains of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana where this Kanwar Yatra is popular or politically used, the Yatris are asked to bring a ‘Shobha Yatra’. Most of these Yatras are organised by the frontal organisations of Hindutva, namely, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Normally, when you plan for a march, you seek permission from the authorities and plan a route where the devotees are in large number and where the yatra can pass through peacefully.

Look at what happened in Nuhu in Haryana. One of the most backward areas of Haryana bordering with Rajasthan where the focus should have been on education and health but rather ‘religion is endangered’. Most of the Muslims there are actually Gaupalaks and are in the milk business like their Hindu counterparts. Some people claim that Meos were Rajput convert but the fact is that there was not a serious communal polarisation in this region until a campaign by the Hindutva outfit started that people are killing ‘cows’. So Muslim identity has been carefully and cleverly converted into slaughterer of Cows and if and when they will do it, the Hindu warriors will come and slaughter them. So, an accused for lynching two innocent people from the region is wanted by Rajasthan Police yet Haryana government never cooperated as the goon is the member of the Hindutva organisation. Now, Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar has openly said that if Rajasthan police want to take action against Monti Panesar, then the state government will cooperate but it is a political game. Why cant Haryana initiate action for what has happened in Nuh, Mewat.

The blame game by spreading rumours get legitimised when goons are provided a ‘heroic’ space by the #hatemongering media on their prime time shows. The thing is not that you should not probe but the aim of providing space to the goons and terrorists is basically to magnify their hate propaganda. The persons who should have been in the jail and facing charges for riots, murders and hate crime are honorably giving interviews in the media.

There are accusations and counter accusations. Media personal, youtube influencers speak as per ‘locations’ blaming others but that happen when the agencies and the government become one of the party. Rule of law and governance used to be above the board but today the law enforcing agencies, government bodies, autonomous institutions have become a party in this entire episode and the result is a serious credibility crisis.

It is important to speak about peace building. In the communal flare up in any part of the country, there is always a severe poliraisation and political parties used it. Today, the ruling party create such polarisation and its vicious IT propaganda cell is the biggest culprit in spreading fake news and creating crisis after crisis.

India as a nation has to survive and will survive only if we heed the advise of our constitutional forefathers. When the government of the day become party to spread propaganda, it is the constitution and the spirit of our freedom movement that is the only answer. It is also important for the political parties to speak of calm and work as soothing balm to the people.

The RSS and BJP have their so called cultural wings but other parties dont have. It is important for Congress, DMK, SP, BSP, RJD and other parties too have a cultural wing which must spread the positive agenda of bringing people together.

Haryana’s incident are purely the failure of administration to handle such crisis and take action against the goons in advance. It is important for the police and administration to think whether it can allow religious processions. I am coming to the opinion that India will have to keep religion strictly in the four walls of your houses. Dont take religion and religious sentiments to the street. If we dont stop this competition of the religious groups taking the street and then becoming part of political propaganda, I can bet the future is not great. India need to understand that diversity is its biggest strength and our streets, food, culture must reflect it. Attempt to homogenise everything into one will only create monotony and risk of conflict among different stakeholders.

People must realise that in the game of hatred and prejudices there are no final solutions as there will always be a blame game. It is time that our law enforcing agencies and government work keeping Rajdharma in mind and not to create a crisis by becoming one of the party. Blame game will not work. Fair inquiry, action and plan for future by bringing people together alone will work for the betterment of the country.

Stop legitimising hatemongers and goons as leaders of the communities. Boycott them. Boycott those channels who spread hatred and prejudices.

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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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