Transition Town Movement: Local Action in the Wake of Global Emergency and Collapse

by T Vijayendra, Usha Rao and Shreekumar

Transition Town Movement India

We are facing a global emergency and collapse. The emergency is due to the twin crises of global warming and resource depletion. When there is a collapse there are two alternatives: chaos or a planned transition. By transition here we mean taking us from the present capitalist/industrial stage of society to an alternative stage. Transition town movement is a response to this scenario of collapse.

This booklet describes the nature of the global emergency and the origin of the transition town movement. It then focuses on the possibilities of transition India and the issues involved. Finally there is a section on resources – books, websites and videos.

It is a call and guide to youth to become active in meeting this emergency that they are facing! The time to act is now!

It is a small book (80 pages) and the book’s price is Rs.50/ only.

You can download the book for free

PDF downlaod

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