Tolstoy’s Dilemma


It is the tiny pink rose

Behind the ear of God

I place mine there

Not because I rage against death

I a short interval between the not yet

And the forever gone

I place it there lightly

I accept the near perfect weightlessness that I am

I place it there

Because the infinitesimally small time that I am

Is a lightness that I am not afraid of

I am not afraid of the inscrutable vastness of God

My tiny pink rose

The one with my flesh and blood on it

I balance it lightly

My pleasure of the Now

Beauty dying

Beauty being born

Traveling up the hot veins of oblivious stars

It’s worth the bemused smile of an Eternity

A sharp glance of a God

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program


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