The Muslims in A Pathetic Condition in India and The Way Forward Them



 The current situation in India is attributed as a sorrowful subject. As the debate around Hindus and Muslims, Islam and Western have become ever-more relevant in contemporary politics and secularists etc.

 In accordance to this time, I wanted to write this article bases on various sub topics, the impact of Media and politics leaders, the variations of Political system India, Power media in a complicated situation and the solution to promote the Muslim situation and covert them with the bright future and system or the qualities. This article will explore, to find out the wrong that going on by the Muslims and its became the cause for the backward of Muslims.

In further, this Article will have discussed the problems with its solution, and the method that taken in this article is empirical research and daily papers, and the result will find, the promotion of Muslim community, and the elevation of Muslim leadership system etc. So, let’s take a look on this article and take the solution of it or press our hands to help them. And this article will provide the account details and cause of backward of India especially the Muslim community.

Key Words: Forward the Muslim, Muslim in pathetic condition, backward Muslims, Democratic India, Conclusion.


A proper appreciation of the current situation of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, from the early inroads made into the big monuments in the eighteen century to the establishment of Delhi Sultanate in the thirteen century, and through the middle ages up to the present day. As in the land of diverse and multicultural country like India, it is fundamental to ensure the holistic development and empowerment of all citizens, including the Muslims community. But this all features of India are stepping in a contrasting way, that would be the subjects of current study. This article aims to explore various strategies and initiatives that could be the contribute to the progress and enlistment of Muslims in India through addressing the key areas and way that create the land of peace for the current and coming generations and convert the India into the more inclusive and equitable society for all. In further this article conducted with the views on the current terms and issues that Muslims are going on in the land of Muslims for the flourishing of Indian Muslims is the peaceful coexistence with the people of other faiths.

Why Muslims are Backward in India?

The question always hurting us “Why Muslims are Backward in India?” 1The Indian Muslims have been in a state of disconcert and disquiet.  And the complex and multifaceted situation of Muslims. Anxiety about their safety, economic and educational downfall, and curiosity about how they have landed here and how they would come out of this gloom? And it made a theme and a subject to concern it for the intellectuals and the professors and covered their mind with various questions.

Such as:

  • Why are the Indian Muslims, as a whole, socially, educationally and economically backward? What can be done to address this?
    • How far are Muslim religious and political leaders responsible for the present conditions of the Indian Muslims?
    • How should the Indian Muslims relate to the present social and political context?
    • How can the Muslims of India earn the goodwill of people from the other communities in the country? What are some practical things that they can do to promote inter-community harmony?
    This article speaks about the way forward for India’s Muslims in the present context. It appeals to them to contribute to the common good of the country as a whole and the wider society while also focusing on their educational and economic development. India’s Muslims and the other communities in the country, the article highlights, must practice the art of peaceful coexistence, as India is their common home. “One could say that God has destined them to live together here”.

In the analysing of these questions the Muslims writers or scholars have articulated mixed opinions through their publications and perorations. In the Way Forward.’ The scholars delved deep into different dimensions of their dilemmas and has postulated some rousing resolutions for their resurgence.

In the distinguish-ness of any terms and issue needs its opposite terms as truth/falls hood, earth/sky, violence/ piety. In this like forward/backward.

In India, Muslims make up a significant minority population. While many Muslims live peacefully with the people of other faiths, that there have been an instances of discrimination, social exclusion, and communal tensions in the country, where many Muslims live as a silence dolls as they are living under the pressure of majority.

To address these challenges and promote inclusivity, its crucial for the government, civil society organization, and individuals to work together. Some impending solutions include:  A lot of researchers has eloquently explained the concept of fundamental unity in every religion. Despite some differences, permissiveness has to be eschewed, irrespective of the numerical strength in a plural society. That is reminiscent of the great visionary of the nineteenth century, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Who had virtually espoused amity among Hindus and Muslims and had once practically demonstrated his zeal by inviting Raja Dev Narayan and Maulana Mohammed Fasih for the foundation stone laying ceremony of a madrassa in Ghazipur. And they vividly dissected the pathetic political and religious leadership quality that has despondently disillusioned the Indian Muslims. At one point, he has stridently lashed at the conservativeness of the religious leaders. Who have compartmentalized the community on the sectarian fault lines resulting in their spiritual downfall?

The Muslim Question is the notable work of Raziuddin Aquily2.1that being an important element and methods to know the current circumstances and to recognize their level, as to comprise themselves in the way of forward in respecting the most quotation of Father of Nation (Mahatma Gandhi) that Believe in yourself 3and stand on your target and change the world, plus he takes a significant meaning besides his quotation “Simple life and high thinking” .2

India under the politicians and Media:

On the other hand, politician is must for the ruling system as it’s the major part or pillars for encouraging the citizens to work together and the Politician or Media should be honest enough to assert that, but a few politicians actually played a negative role in Muslim society’s constructive shaping, illustrating the Shah Bano Case and Babri Masjid event. He has also underscored the need to evade the minority syndrome and separate politics from religion. But his criticism of the abysmal leadership quality is collective and not that of the individual prescience and myopia.

And the media, Hannan is a great politician, who said “Biased Media is threat for democracy” which gradually preaching the feeling of revulsion in heart of citizens through the lies talk and destroy the democracy. So, the Media and Politician have a great impact to criticize the democracy and make up the separation between the religions and cultures.

Few key avenues to forward Muslims:

  • Enhancing the educational opportunities, by improving the access to quality education. Such as:

– Ensuring equal access to education for all Muslims either male and female or children.

-Establishing more schools and educational institutions in Muslim-majority areas.

-Providing scholarship and financial aid to economically disadvantages Muslims students.

  • Promoting skill development and vocational Training, through encouraging vocational training programs to equip Muslims youth with marketable skills.
    Fostering Economic Empowerment through encouraging entrepreneurship.
  • Promoting Employment Opportunities through encouraging companies to adopt diversity and inclusion practices that promote equal opportunities for Muslims.
  • Promoting Social Integration through encouraging interfaith dialogue and understanding.

Rahman Khan has also vividly pondered over the reasons for the educational and economic downfall of the Indian Muslims. He espoused that the Muslims should make use of the various educational opportunities provided by the government through various schemes. He particularly advised the religious leaders to reform the madrasas and in religious sermons, galvanize their energies not only to promote the religious aspects but also to discuss the ways to uplift the educational and social standards of the Muslims.

He has suggested various ways to supplement the economic conditions of the Muslims by the meticulous management of the wakf properties, zakat donations, and to involve in industrial enterprises and corporate sectors. Apart from it, he has counseled them to make their identities and problems felt in the country through their media that is badly needed.

In this like others scholars also refer the reason of backward Muslims and suggested as we need to find out that, where is going wrong that, the absence of Muslims leaders and the

In other hand, communalism is often the manifestation of superiority complex and exclusivist attitude that harms the Muslims and isolates them. By citing the examples of sufferings in various Islamic countries due to this delusion, declared that such biases are antithetical even to the Islamic teachings. By quoting that ‘only person one can change is oneself,’ and it advised Muslims a paradigm shift in some of their demeanours, do the introspection and become the bridge builders to live with tranquillity.

And lack of the spiritual aspects of the Muslims are facing this unstable bridge. He has enlightened that the lack of proper Islamic knowledge would often adversely affect the peaceful living. In this regard, he has instilled a fear of God in the souls of the community leaders to work altruistically for the welfare of the Muslims and the whole of humanity.

In conclusion, after 2021 India considered as the four number in the religion and communal division and differentiation of community bases their culture and language and in unrespecting others religious faiths, nothing change has not been seen through this two year.

So, through implementing these strategies and initiatives, we can develop or work together towards empowering the Muslim community in India. It is essential to recognize the importance of equal access to education, economic opportunities, social integration and Political representation. Through this collective efforts and commitment, we can build more peace and harmony for all of Indian Muslim Society.

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Sujauddin S K is a student of Darul Huda Islamic University Bengal Campus. He is a secondary final-year student and has an interest in research and writing.

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