A Four State Solution


Still haunted by a newsclip of a 23 year old Israeli American surrounded by Hamas militia quietly getting into the back of a pickup truck, his arm mutilated by grenades thrown into a bomb shelter which murdered and maimed several other people earlier in 2023 during a massacre that could have been averted on so many levels.

Saving 1,200 or so souls from perishing in terror while preventing over 200 abducted prisoners, thousands of grievously injured, vicious rapes, legions of families traumatized with fear, anger, and deep wounds that will take lifetimes to heal if ever given a chance.

It would appear Yahweh’s thirst for revenge/justice is not quite quenched with an overflowing 13 to 1 corpse count as the IDF continues to retaliate by annihilating villains and civilians in The Holy Land while a captive international audience bears witness to yet another holiday season where cold blooded missiles visit children instead of good ol’ Saint Nick.

But that’s to be expected I guess because, like old fashioned Cowboys and Indians, it seems today most Israelis see the Palestine occupants as inhuman and most Palestinians see the Israeli settlers as inhuman. Both sides have inhumane tales proving this to be true while the devil cackles all the way to the bank where Canada’s Pension Plan makes a killing alongside other countries, companies, and capitalists of the West + East.

“And thou shalt be a blessing.”
-Genesis (12:2-3)

Do you believe these are the End of Days where Jews backed by Christians in a war with Muslims will bring forth some glorious Rapture aka Mass Extinction via Armageddon on Judgement Day?


Is this about some well-to-do moguls, politicians, Generals, and zealots seeking greater control over the resources and people of faraway lands while expanding the military industrial multiplex?

Or is it about what you dare say about all this loss? This tragedy.

“If God had promised Belgium or Florida to Moses, Zionism would have gone nowhere…”
-John Clarke

I believe the vast majority of these modern day horrors within an ancient sacred land are not the fault of faith but exist mainly from the fervent investment in a higher power known as Death. Prophets of old are made scapegoats for profits and pride.

Thus here, buried deep in the article just like an online recipe for peace, is A Four State Solution for Abram’s feuding faithful:

“The Promised Land is for the Jews,
The Waters there for the Christians,
That Vault of Air for the Muslims,
Under Heavenly Lights shared by All;
Giving even the olive trees a chance to die
from old age instead of adolescent rage.”

-Based on Genesis (15:18-21) and finding the spirit of God in some burning kush (4:20).

Mark Kirkwood Callingham is a semi-retired dad who works full-time for a faith-based homeless shelter in downtown Ottawa. He’s also the founder of a practical proposal for non-violent global revolution through economic evolution who can sometimes be reached at MoneyWithMorals.org.

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