Gaza: Voyeurism Amidst Destruction?

Can anybody fathom what is happening in Gaza? Mad bombing at its extreme. The Israeli army and politicians have gone completely mad and the bloody revenge keeps happening. There is no stopping it. What is worse is that most western countries like the United States are in cahoots with the slaughter.

You can’t kill life even if you tried, although there are many babies who have been killed by the Israeli carnage.

In the videoclip is a baby who has been pulled out of the rubble. Even babies have the will to live! The baby is happy oblivious to his bloody surrounding of destruction. He has been given a new lease of life and enjoying every minute of it among the horrors. 

Thousands lie dead under the rubble and maybe there for years to come because of the extent of damage that has been done to this Palestinian enclave.

An old man refuses to leave the wreckage of his house. He is finally removed protesting softly, saying “leave me”. The Israelis bombed his house with the family of the old man killed and are still under the rubble. 

Finally, he sits on part of the wreckage in a daze, calling to his wife as if she is still alive.

The Palestinians have come to this and no one would help them, not even those who previously voiced solidarity with them.

Israeli soldiers have not only been killing Palestinians. They have been videotaped – filming themselves actually – going into the homes of individual Palestinians and stealing their contents and going into their drawers and creating havoc.

The Israeli chief of staff Herazi Halevi and other top Israeli officers have admitted this is happening according to the Israeli media. They couldn’t otherwise since it’s all over the social websites. 

Look at the Israeli soldiers playing with the contents they stole and laughing about the fact. For them this has been a treasure hunt but it is abomination of gigantic proportions.

A man explains about how his infant daughter – barely a month old – died from starvation. She is just one of the thousands that are dying daily, just another statistic for the Israelis.

The world just looks on while Israel refuses to allow aid trucks into Gaza. Israeli want the people here to die, to have the last breathes but this is a dream that will not come true!

With animal feed running out, families are turning to grass and green bushes, just maybe, to stay alive.

This genocide will be talked about for generations to come, of how the Israeli government stood guard and wouldn’t let any aid trucks into the territory Israelis went to the borders and stood and sat in front of trucks so they wouldn’t enter the Gaza Strip.

The policy of starvation is a reminder of what the Nazis did to the Israelis in World War II but history is teaching them lessons!

What is this! It is common sight of death and murder. The Israeli army has long given themselves the “Licensed to Kill” emblem and no one can stop them.

Three kids lying in front of each other, including a baby covered in blood and dirty clothes. What kind of world is this. We watch death on real time television.

The Israeli war machine has been merciless. Nobody is immune. Everyone must die. Palestinian lives have become expandable thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

A man in Dier Al Balah goes out to look for bread. He comes back and finds to find his family has been killed by an Israeli strike. As expected, he loses his mind on video. 

But his case represents the majority of people faced with such a situation. Many of them have been killed whilst out and about looking for food and shot dead by an Israeli sniper who picks on people free of his own choosing.

 In this slaughter accountability does not exist and the Israeli war cabinet and government doesn’t care except pay lip service to feeble please made by western leaders like US president Joe Biden.

But the tragedy rolls on. People, kids, women, men, youths pulled out of the rubble caked in cement and laying on hospital corners likely with their parents long perished through two-ton bombs thrown on their neighborhoods.

And then there are those who are killed and left on the streets. Again, it is the deadly Israeli snipers looking for people to shoot, not maim but kill. After all, these are regarded as terrorists, Hamas sympathizers who must terminated.

But what does the Israeli soldier want with a lemon seller. This man was selling lemons on his carte. Are these Hamas lemons? We must look inside them.

The issue is all happening in front of your eyes – A carte in a middle of a torn out city that has been bombed countless of times to smithereens.

And then there is the fascination. Israeli soldiers photographing themselves with their Palestinian captives: Question: What was this soldier thinking about when he took this selfie?  No doubt, a sense of pride of the Israeli occupation. Funny how people like to dominate others. Voyeurism at its best. Again, a reminder of the pernicious past, harking back to dark days. 

Marwan Asmar is an Amman based writer

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