Walt Gelles

Trump’s Path To Nuclear War

Donald Trump's reckless policies, belligerence, volatile personality, and rejection of diplomacy have brought the world to the brink of war in Korea.  Such a war could rapidly turn nuclear, killing…

Starry Night

Under a Hindutva sky I lay me down to die but suicide is a moral crime, so maybe it's not yet my time.

Tear Down The Great Firewall Of China

"The 'Great Firewall of China' – the world’s most extensive effort to try to control cyberspace – has become more formidable under President Xi Jinping.  Authorities have closed some video…

Three Found Poems

Three eruptions of unintentional poetry plucked from prose works, on topics ranging from homelessness in India to neocolonialism to death.

Demonetisation, Day 50

I feel like a criminal trying to score some cash, going from bank to bank, whipped by Modi's lash. I can't get access to my own money. Millions of people…

The Masses Support Modi (Not)

You destroyed the economy with one colossal blunder. You've brought untold misery and torn our lives asunder. But Modi-ji, whatever you do or say or think is fine. There's just…

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