Mann ki baat: A speech by Modi


My Dear Indians. Let me express my mann ki baat. Let me express how my heart beats for India. Let me express the dream and vision I have for India. Whether I am asleep or awake, what drives me is how to make India into a Saffron India and a Corporate India. Let me convey how deeply I am committed to this idea.

Let me show my work towards achieving this dream during the last two years.

My commitment towards a Saffron India has made me to provide unprecedented freedom and liberty to my saffron friends. Now my saffron friends consisting of Hindutva vadis can go ahead and do anything. They have complete freedom of expression and action. Sadhvi Pragya, Prachi, Yogi Adityanath, Shaskhi Majaraj are part of our dream project of a Saffron India. So is the case with all our Ram Senas, Hindu Senas, Gau Rakshaks. I have given them complete freedom to carry out their activities without fear of being arrested, prosecuted and punished.

Cow is an important part of our symbol of a saffron India. See the protection we are providing to cow rakshaks. See how committed we are to protect cow and our acts in Dadri and Gujarat. Realise the efforts we are putting to make cow our symbol of nationalism. We want to replace tiger with cow as our national animal.

Democracy is all about freedom of expression and see the freedom I have given to our saffron walas.

A saffron India requires saffron academic bodies. Towards this, I have made some substantial changes in the academic bodies. I have brought in people wedded to the idea of a Saffron India in all the academic bodies, Indian Council of Historical Research, Indian Council for Social Science Research, National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). I am making these changes even at state level. Now see the radical changes which are happening in Rajasthan. Cow has entered into the textbooks and is providing ‘gnan’ to the students. Our Ramayans and Mahabharaths have been converted to Indian history.

See how I am directing our scientists to become contemporary in their approach to science. And asking them to research and learn the art and science of fixing animal heads to human bodies as happened with Ganesha. I have been directing them to find out how ‘devi devathas’ used to fly through pushpaka vimanam. If our scientists are able to discover this, I can travel without being dependent on flights and fulfil my desire for foreign trips.

Once I have this viman, I can go abroad anytime I like and invite multinational corporates to come to India and take advantage of 100% FDI opportunity in India. They can invest 100% in retail sector, pharmacy etc. We will provide them complete protection from small retailers in India.

As part of my commitment to a corporate India, see how I have protected them. See my protection to the Adanis, Vijay Malyas, Lalit Modys. See how I have protected them in their efforts towards nation building. They are our true India and I need to protect them.

To realise my dream for Corporate India, see how I have tried to bring in changes in anti-corporate legislations. See how I have tried to replace the Right to fair compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 which provides for 80% consent by locals and fair compensation with my own Land acquisition ordinance and tried to remove the compensation and consent clauses. It is but for those people who are opposing such clauses that I am not able to realize this dream.

In order to fulfil my dream for corporate India, see how we have converted Ministry for Environment and Forests (MOEF) into Ministry for Eradication of Forests. See how many projects have been given a go ahead without the fear of following the processes for Environmental Impact Assessment.

Apart from environment another obstacle which comes in the way of corporate India is the labor. They unnecessarily demand for labor welfare and protection. We have ensured that through ‘shrama meva jayate’, labor reforms are carried out. All the social protections which go with labor have been removed. Now the corporates have unprecedented freedoms to go in for ‘hire and fire’ policy. They need not provide permanent employment and social security benefits for the farmers. This we are doing to make Indian corporate internationally competitive.

Recently we have passed a legislation which has overturned the promises of ‘Forest rights act’. We have replaced it with Compensatory forest billan act which has given back power to the forest department. We have tried to undo the historic injustice done to forest department in the last decade. We have given back justice to forest department and the Indian corporates.

These are all enough to show our commitment to a Saffron India and Corporate India.

I would like to end by saying Jain Hinduvaad, Jai Poonjivaad…………………

Jai Hind…………………………………………

About the Author: This is a parody version of the policies by the current Modi regime. Navin works with NGO as a Researcher. He did his M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University.



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