Think like A  Genius, Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

(Open letter to professor Stephen Hawking.)

In your 6 part GENIUS TV presentations, you made it easy to understand that we cannot possibly be alone in the universe, and gave people much to think about.

How sad that you had to challenge us, earlier, with these words: “How can the human race sustain another 100 years? A month later you confessed, that you do not have the answer, that is why you ask the question, to get people to think about it, and to be aware of the danger we now face.” You are so right prof. Hawking.

But some of your beliefs cannot be left unchallenged as they are, I believe, a big part of humanities problems, like your statement:“I had controversially shown the laws of nature suggest there is no need for a Creator or God. The universe came into existence all by itself.” And you “Confidently dismiss the entire discipline of philosophy as dead.”

Like you, I wonder too-why are we here? As a nine year old child in 1945, I experienced the war in Germany and wondered and researched ever since, why and what are countries and people doing to each other and to our planet? Some of my thoughts, under my name, can be found on the Internet.

You profess to be an atheist – there is no God?! This opinion was probably formed early in your life when you were subjected to Bible stories of a mean and man-made god. And, it seems, you took this attitude with you to Cambridge University to pursue your PhD to write your doctorate.

How can anybody claim there is, or isn’t a God, with such certainty like Richard Dawkins wrote: “If he existed and choose to reveal it, God himself could clinch the argument noisily and unequivocally in his favor.” Such a mentality was maybe fitting thousands of years ago, but today? – from a scientist? sounds rather childish.

The best we, you and all scientist can do – is honestly admit that life and nature is far more complicated than we could ever understand, and couldn’t possibly be accidental. Leave people with their imagination, which is more important than knowledge, as Albert Einstein said.

Why have we not heard from any of the ten thousand scientists, who are working for decades on the Large Hadron Collider, make such honest and courageous admission? For fear of ridicule?!

What possible information could you hope to get from a Collider the size of the Milky Way, Mr. Hawking?

The overwhelming evidence of intelligence in nature and in our human-mind potential, presupposes the existence of an Architect-Mind that we appreciate, but may never understand in our life. We simply call it nature, as it is impersonal and none-responsive to our wishes and prayers. We do not have to ask for miracles and wonders; they are in and all around us. Could anybody tell the difference between a sleeping and deceased person, side by side in a picture? Exactly! What is that ‘I’ that temporarily lives in an organic body and is made up of 7 octillion atoms?

Since the real You and I is intangible and invisible, and is who knows where while sleeping, or dead, how then can we expect something different from a Creator/God? And – if HE-SHE or IT started the universe with the Big Bang then is it not plausible that innate Software was part of it, that is then activated when planetary conditions are right for life to unfold?

We can speculate forever, if all or some of the laws of nature were created, or they simply are. Or, were there elements in God’s mind – lets see what happens? Like the almost useless (to us) dinosaurs and the other 99% extinct species? What do we REALLY know? A smidgen, and I know even less. But I still can think and question.

Science offers no explanation what makes the electron spin with about a hundred million billion circuits every second, and makes matter real to us times/space creatures. And what is the source of this phenomenon? Imagine, if the source that makes the electrons spin was terminated, the universe, and we, would simply disappear, because what we perceive as matter is nothing but empty space.

If all atomic particles were removed from our body, there would be nothing of us left to look at. So much for the greatness of our present importance.

Your friend, theoretical physics professor Neil Turok, comes very close in suggesting a‘Creator’, as he wrote in his book THE UNIVERSE WITHIN: “We stand now on the threshold of a new phase of evolution, in which technology will play as much of a role as biology. Great mysteries remain. Why did the universe emerge from the big bang with a set of physical laws that gave rise to heavy elements and allowed complex chemistry?…Are all these capabilities simply accidental? Or are we actually the door openers to the future? Might we be the means for the universe to gain a consciousness of itself?

Because of my liberal upbringing, I could simply marvel at a Creators ingenuity in using the evolutionary process in the creation of the universe and life, and coined the word Creavolution in the seventies; today I simply call it ‘evolution with inherent software.’;

The Monarch Butterflies that hibernate in Mexico migrate thousands of kilometers to North America in the summer month during which time they actually live 3 butterfly life’s.

“The migration is an inherited trait. No butterfly lives to make the full round trip, and it is unclear how they find their way back to the same patch of pine forest each year. Some scientists suggest the butterflies may release chemicals marking their migratory path…”(Associated press. Feb. 2016)

How about changing inherited traits with SOFTWARE? That would provide food for thought. But suggesting that butterflies release chemicals? That is embarrassing!

Would any person or scientist believe in the metamorphosis of the butterfly, if it wasn’t an established fact?

Not in a million years!

Do we ever think what inferior physical creatures we humans are, compared to the animals, some of which have-in addition to their 5 senses-ultrasound, heat-seeking, magnetic star and sun navigation abilities, and who knows what other senses?

Since some people of all ages are disillusioned and left traditional religion, there is a need for a new vision which needs to be created by open-minded thinkers, based on the latest scientific discoveries. Sadly lack of imagination by our scientists and philosophers resulted in ISIS, who filled that vacuum.

Only with honesty, truth and justice can there be a future for our species, and I don’t see any of it, anywhere.

That is the only way we can slow down Entropy.

In support of my arguments as a layman, I’m emboldened with the words of the late philosopher David Hume: “There is nothing to be learned from a professor, which cannot be met with in books.”

Thank you for listening, prof. Hawking, and anybody else who cares.


Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna, BC.

[email protected]



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