I wish the people in India the best of good fortune in this alarming situation taking place in India so as to end beef farming, the beef industry overall and beef consumption. What will the central government start to dictate next? Will it be clothing styles, lack of public schools for girls or people of lower castes, the diet that must be eaten in households, the crops that farmers must grow, mandatory prayer sessions or other draconian, dangerous new laws used to support fascist control?


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If it looks like fascism, smells like fascism, feels like fascism and tastes like fascism, then it is so. In this case, the taste is fascist. After all, people are not allowed to taste beef and must follow the ideological rulings of one religious group of people.

Please continue to rise up against ugly government ways. It does sometimes help as our own uprising in the USA against the Vietnam War demonstrated.


So have courage. Come together to make peaceful resistance plans, protect the farmers and other people in the beef industry, and stand together against this thinly disguised fascist assault on your entire country.

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    The government of India is deliberately taking retrograde and regressive steps. A dangerous design of promoting brahminism is in full swing. Since most of the north hindi belt is occupied by the tight wing party, it is feeling absolutely powerful. ‘ Power corrupts power and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ …and this is what is happening to bjp and its hindutva forces. While the country is reeling under poverty and malnutrition, the food containing proteins and rich in minerals is being banned. People depending on animal husbandry are forced into poverty. Nationwide protests should start immediately

  2. Yes protest must start immediately. What are the communists doing ? They must lead it.