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You should be on an islet.
Surrounded by a coral red sea.
With three blue coconut trees.
An ochre cave.
A copper cat and a silver dog.
Green rabbits in deep holes.
Yellow mice and indigo snakes.
A chromium lake of fresh water.
A dozen olive brown fruit laden trees.
A blood crescent in the sky.

No courts, no cameras,
No hooligans, no policemen.
No Governments, no states.

You are a gift.
Wrapped. Untouched.
In an islet.

A magnetic storm lashes.
A galactic lightning strikes.
A diluvial rain screams.

The islet dissolves
Sand by sand
In each rainstorm.
The sea sucks you in.
The whales ferry you to the deep sea bed.
Where a million iridescent flowers bloom
To welcome you and call out to you

Ra Sh is a poet from Kerala.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Wales and sharks in the ocean bed
    Shouting ‘ love jihad! Love jihad’
    With reverberating sounds
    Fill the waters and skies

  2. Ravi Shanker says:

    Hadiya’s is not a case of Love Jihad, whatever that means. The word Love is not mentioned in the poem.

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