Flaws as strengths

grumpy kid

Every person has some flaws. My two major ones, which I remember from when I was a toddler, are that I am sanctimonious and stubborn. … I laugh at myself about both of these tendencies. No wonder that my sister bit me when we were both toddlers for my being this way.

Yet it is a double-edged sword. Here, let me explain.

I am usually kindly when I get on my high horse — the holier than thou position, such as when I explained carbon loading to my daughter when she was in Europe for three weeks this summer with her husband and my grandchild. … I swear that you would laugh at me when I am explaining that jet travel for vacations is bad. So nasty, but humorous.

The stubborn aspect in my opinion is even better. If you get spit on and sworn at by white supremacists at age 13 to raise a way to support King’s Selma march — you are out the next day in the same activity in Jim Crow Florida. … When I look at photos of the marchers, I feel proud since one of them or more may have been sent there by me — little old me because I am a stubborn thing — relentlessly stubborn. … So it isn’t all bad, although flawed.

Now you hit up sanctimonious and stubborn together and you get a five year old who fights against nuclear war since she can’t tolerate seeing Hiroshima Maidens in NY for reconstructive surgery. You get a kid who cries and screams after seeing a leper village in Trinidad and gives a big box of goods to a colony in the Philippines.

Thank goodness that others follow suit. I am learning to love with my oddities and I have others following suit. See what I mean? Check it out in the video.

Check it out. It is up to us people since our government is unreliable. … Get up to the spit and swearing. Then get out there the next day!

I feel fortunate that I have people at my side providing for common welfare and people coming behind us after we die. What else could we do without all of these helpers in conglomeration?


Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA


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