LBGTQA Community


For those of you who don’t know the meaning of those alphabet letters, here you go: lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, alternative sexually.

Now, I will add that there are lots of lesbian seagulls. So don’t imagine for a moment please that we are alone in alternative sexual behavior. I read a factual article on the topic.

One of my friends told me that these people are aberrant and will be relegated to Hell. He also asked whether I would like my daughter when she were young to have an obviously transgender person read a story in a library to other children and her.

Sure. It is an opportunity for me to teach about differences amongst people. It would have been an an educational opportunity.

Meanwhile 22 transgender people were killed in 2009 in the USA. I know of three deaths that murderers did many years later to them. I found it heartbreaking.

I have known one bisexual. He let me into his home to take a shower after a heterosexual man spermed on the back of my legs and dress in a crowded subway.

This person gave me a clean towel and a bathrobe to wear while all of my clothes were put by him in his washer and dryer. Can anyone imagine anything better than this treatment? Then he brought me my clothes to get out of the robe.

When I was doing graduate work at a university, I met a lesbian young woman, an undergraduate student. She wanted to volunteer as an assistant teacher in my classroom. She did so every single day for quite a while and did a great job!

I know of two gays married for about 30 years. They are amongst a top tier group of the kindest people of whom I’ve ever met. They show nothing except helpfulness to everyone who crosses their lives.

My own daughter (a heterosexual) joined the Gay-Straight Alliance at high school and didn’t care one whit that she might be deemed a lesbian by peers. I also took her to a home of a friend being raised by two moms. I also took her to a huge sleepover about LBGTQA. Nobody slept. People there mostly talked most of the night.

I know the bottomline drill. It is to support life. Fortunately many of my MA politicians agree. Fortunately people across the world agree, such as Amnesty International in Peru that is having meetings about LBGTQA in Peru. It is heartening and impressive.

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.




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