‘Blowing out someone’s candle does not make your’s shine better’

No Bullying circle

“Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, always respect girls, be nice to everyone, treat others with respect, behave with others as if they are your brothers and sisters!”

These were the things which our parents and teachers told us, when we first started going to school. Now we tell these things to our younger siblings, to  treat everyone with good behavior.

But what has happened to us? Why are we not following these things? Have  we forgotten how to behave with our fellow mates or is this the generation which is all about teasing others?

Nowadays we enjoy teasing people, laughing at them for their mistakes,  making fun of them instead of helping and abusing them. Abuses have now  become a part of our conversation. Without that we feel somewhat  incomplete. We like ‘roasting’ people without any reason and this has become the most important means of entertainment. We don’t think about their  feelings. We forget that they are also humans and we treat them worse than  animals.

Is all this right? Are we on the right path? Actually no, not at all!

Teasing or ‘roasting’ others is our means of entertainment, not their’s. We unknowingly hurt someone’s sentiments which affects them mentally. We can not imagine, nor feel the issues they face.

A child faces this a lot. He or she cannot express his feelings with anyone  because no one will understand. They cannot tell their friends because mostly they are only responsible for their condition. They cannot tell their parents or  teachers because he thinks that they will not understand him.

Where shall such a child go? The mind which is perfect for playing and growing up, is getting spoilt by the ill behavior of its surroundings. We usually spent  more time in school with our friends and teachers, than with our parents.

According to a survey in India, 42% of children are bullied at school. These are   the reported cases. We dont even know of them who don’t share their  feelings.

We are so much into our ‘fun’ that we forget about others. The one’s who think insulting someone or laughing at them is good means for their entertainment, are wrong!

Just imagine yourself in the other person’s place and then think how will you feel? If you feel that this kind of behavior is not acceptable for you, then stop it for others. Those who don’t insult anyone but still laugh at someone, instead of taking an immediate action, also come under the category of bullying.

If you don’t know how someone feels when he or she is bullied then listen- they are so much mentally damaged that they are not able to interact with people. They think so much about the incident that these things take them  towards depression. If you don’t feel this statement is correct then just google the depression rate. It is highest in the youth age 13 to 19. They feel insecure  and scared to come out socially. They feel conscious and insecure about  themselves and they love being alone not talking or interacting with anyone.

If you think that you are getting bullied by someone, then immediately share your feelings with your teacher, parents, siblings, or talk to any counselor.  Don’t feel that they will not understand you. They will because they have seen the world more than you. Don’t feel scared of anyone, if they makes fun of you. Answer them boldly instead of getting depressed. Just take out the things  from your mind which you think are disturbing you. Try to think positive. Remember the good qualities that define you.

Don’t ever bully others or be bullied by someone. Always remember one thing- ” Blowing out someone’s candle does not make yours shine better”

Aishwarya Gupta is a 15 year old student from Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

Originally published in Bookosmia.com




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