Attack on rationalists in Bhubaneswar and Berhampur, condemned


On 8th November,22 ,a group of self-styled Hindu extremists attacked the on going in-house meet of the Rationalists at Lohia Academy in Bhubaneswar as well as in Berhampur town of Odisha with an alibi to protect the so-called tradition (religious).

The attack is nefarious. This attack is not only in support of not-taking any food during the period of solar or lunar eclipse but against the scientific approach to life and society; against the constitutional declaration (To develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform).

Here to say, the rationalists had organised ‘common feasts’ at time of lunar eclipse (November 08) in many parts of the state. But, the hooligans came in group and had attacked at two places in the state, Bhubaneswar and Berhampur, telling it ‘against their religious practices’.

Though, Hindu religion has many diversities and trends but this attack of hooligans is to force to establish the work of almanac and astrologers at the top. This attack is to end the progressive outlook of our society also.

The Ganatantrik Adhikar Suraksha Sangathan condemns this nefarious attack on the Rationalists and urges on the Government to take all legal steps against these religious hooligans.

The state Government ‘s declaration of holiday for the solar eclipse (October 25, 2022) is an instigating approach of igniting the irrational and unscientific towards the life and society. The state government of Odisha, the only state in India, had declared public holiday on October 25, 2022 on account of solar eclipse. The government instructed of closing down All the government offices, schools, colleges, educational institutions, revenue courts, banks and other banking institutions “due to solar eclipse”.

On the circular came from the Chief Minister’s Office though no reason was attributed for the decision but it was meant to follow Hindu religious traditions “Handi Chhada” (no cooking) on the day of Solar Eclipse.

It is also equally encouraging these irrational religious hooligans. Again,it is also tentamount to devide the society.

The irrational religious hooligans had already murdered the personality like Narendra Davelkar ,M M Kulbargi, Govind Panesar,Gouri Lankesh and so on. We found the people of same ideology on the day of the attack on the rationalists in Bhubaneswar and Berhampur.

The Rationalist society’s approach towards the solar or lunar eclipse is progressive and scientific one. Taking food during the period of solar and lunar eclipse has nothing to do with human body or health. In the past, so many persons like Iswarchandra Vidyasagar, Rammohan Roy, Jotyba Phule, Savitri Phule, Perriyar, Bhima Bhoi , Ambedkar and so on have tried and helped to reform various irrational usages of the Indian society. In this view, rationalists’ attempts are a step forward to this regard.

The rationalists of the state have been organising ‘collective feasts’ at open space on day of lunar and solar eclipse and they did same on this year also. This was meant to educate people that taking food at time of solar eclipse would not harm them. If it would cause then the rationalists would suffer first, was their intention.

The rationalists have doing campaign of ‘donating bodies’ after death, against witch hunting etc in the state. As part of the democratic rights movement, the GASS has always favoured their role.

The Ganatantrik Adhikar Suraksha Sangathan, Odisha demands that the Government of Odisha should refrain from such religious approach and maintain the constitutional direction of regarding the state and religion. The authority is urged to take appropriate legal steps against these hooligans. That will help to create an open and progressive society.

Golak Bihari Nath, President

Deba Ranjan, General Secretary

Ganatantrik Adhikar Surakhya Sangahtan, Odisha

Email: [email protected]


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