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Caste system is not federal. It is in a unitary because of its hierarchical nature. The castes are separate but not independent or equal. It is one caste centric and that caste is Brahman. It is above all the castes. Its position is superior to all the castes. It is not only on the top of the hierarchy of the system, it dominates, controls the sentiments of all the castes. Its superiority is not only in theory but in practice also. The rights, position and prestige of the Brahmin caste is enormous. For example in the Manusmriti, Bramhan is depicted as above all the castes and creator of all the castes. Besides that he is told to be the master, owner of the country.

This has not only endorsed by the RSS and its ideologues but also say so in their writings.

Ex-Chief of RSS, M.S.Golwalkar says,

” RSS is not only a representative of the Hindu nation but in fact is a form of the Hindu nation. It is, thus, whole of India should be of RSS. We should live here as owners of this country… “(Sri Guruji Samagra Darshan,Part 1, p.108).

This is in line of the Manusmriti. In is written that,

1. Brahman is the head of the world. (Manu.1-92).

2. Brahmin is the God of all and he is supreme. (Manu. 1-98)

3. All the riches in the world are for the Brahmans and of the Brahmans. (Manu. 1-99).

These stanzas in Manusnriti and Golwalkar’s writings are synonymous.

This position of Brahman paves way for remaining at the top of the society and that gives the RSS to take position for India to be a unitary state.

Using heroes

Ram and Ram temple have been made the national issues.

There is inherent planning behind.

Ram in Valmiki Ramayan is depicted as the upholder of the Varna caste system. This can be found in all the Chapters, _Kandas_ of Valmiki Ramayan.

Projecting one hero, god, one culture, one religion, one language are in line with establishing hegemony over the country. That in essence is also unitary state.

Author is Satyashodhak Samaj activist and editor of Bahujan Sangharsh and author of many books.His latest published book, RSS, Caste System and Hindu Nation.

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