The Amazing Indian Mind- Part 1

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·       In the land of “Atithi devo bhava,” to suggest that Pakistani cricket fans should not be treated poorly is to be labeled an anti-national and a “Pakistan Lover,” whatever the so-called epithet means.

·       In the “world’s biggest democracy” which falsely touted itself as “The Mother of Democracy” during the G20 summit, authors and journalists are harassed, intimidated, and killed even for anodyne statements of factual truths.

·       In a country that is said to have “arrived” and which, its votaries suggest, is far ahead of the West, authorities crack down on protests in favor of Palestinian rights.  Talk about carrying water for the imperial West. 

·       A well-heeled technocratic diaspora, largely in the US, lives, works, and enriches itself in a faraway country and wouldn’t educate its children in Indian varsities or ask them to live in Indian villages.  But if you suggest India has rising poverty, you are an anti-national who is succumbing to anti-India propaganda.

·       The very people who fought tooth and nail to offer Indians an opportunity to live free of the colonial yoke are the ones who are most insulted by the very people they liberated.

·       The people who suggest that anyone who disagrees with them are “slaves” of the West exercise the systems of division that the West stoked to rule a huge country. 

·       The “Atmanirbhar”- loving technocratic Indians love to use foreign technologies to spread their self-love.

·       The diasporic Indians who hate “woke” culture, want you to stop saying anything about “their” country and “their religion” because it hurts their feelings.

·       The diasporic Indians who hate identity politics want you to identify them as Hindu-Americans suffering from “Hinduphobia.” 

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Romi Mahajan

Romi Mahajan is an Author, Marketer, Investor, and Activist

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