Is India on the Path to Dictatorship?

In the tumultuous landscape of Indian political history, themes of betrayal, vengeance, invective, and apostasy have persisted. A recent example is the arrest of the sitting Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, in a liquor scam, while many allies of the ruling party remain untouched despite involvement in larger scams. Despite the international community’s scrutiny and criticism of the NDA for such arrests, central agencies continue to target opposition leaders. Even leaders filing nominations for forthcoming elections face summons from the ED and Income Tax department. However, the narrative is different within the ruling camp, especially for allies. The BJP is likened to a washing machine, cleansing the stains of leaders like Ajit Pawar or Praful Patel who align with the ruling party. This raises the question: Is the country veering towards dictatorship, where the ruler prioritises self-interest over taming opposition? Let’s explore this question further.

The Craving for Truth in India

Amidst the overwhelming glorification of the Modi-led government and the widespread assumption of his return in 2024, a video called ‘Dara Hua Dictator’ from a known YouTuber – Dhruv Rahtee emerges, challenging the narrative and warning against the rise of dictatorship. What does this signify? The surge in viewership of this video, reaching millions within hours, indicates a hunger for truth among Indians. Despite prevailing apathy, people seem prepared to resist the transformation from citizens to subjects. In the video, Dhruv calmly elucidates how dictatorship is insidiously creeping into India under the guise of democracy. Despite echoing well-known analyses, the video’s significance cannot be understated.

Questioning Credibility: A Bigger Demographic Concern

Every critic of the ruling party is deemed a grave offence in democracy and labelled as dictatorship.  Supporters of the Modi government fear that the video’s primary viewers may belong to the first and second-time voter age group, posing a threat to the BJP’s dominance. The IT cell from the BJP left no stone unturned to troll the YouTuber and the people who supported the video. In their attempt to counter the video’s narrative. In response, the pro-government factions mobilise social media influencers to discredit Rathee’s video, citing his political affiliations with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). However, does Rathee’s association with AAP (which is still doubtful) undermine the validity of his critique of Modi? Should he have also highlighted the potential dangers of Kejriwal’s leadership for credibility? Critiquing the BJP or Modi is essential, irrespective of the potential flaws in other leaders or parties. Blindly waiting for a flawless democratic alternative risks falling into an inescapable abyss. Rathee’s video provides crucial information vital for democracy’s sustenance. Dictators thrive by controlling information, making it imperative to diversify voices and perspectives. 

Preserving Democracy

At a time when dictatorship looms, those valuing democracy must keep public awareness alive, nourishing minds with truthful information. Rathee’s popularity underscores the urgency of this mission. It is also important to voice against the growing dictatorship of Modi and his government since they are leaving no stone unturned to silence the opposition. Not only jailing the opposition leaders like the Delhi CM or the Congress Leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi on some trivial Gujarati remark to freeze the bank account of the biggest opposition party in the country, the examples are many which indicate how the central agencies like ED, CBI and I-T Department are misused and abused against these leaders. Slapping a 1400 Crore case served by the Income Tax department also is one of the examples of dictatorship. As you check the statement from Mr. Uddhav Thackeray the former CM and the leader of opposition stated that India is headed towards autocracy and this will lead the country to ruin.

The final thoughts 

In conclusion, safeguarding democracy requires a collective effort from individuals committed to upholding truth and remaining vigilant, even in the face of challenges. By embracing this responsibility, we not only preserve the essence of democracy but also contribute to the flourishing of a democratic India. It is through our unwavering dedication to truth and vigilance that we can ensure the continued strength and resilience of our democratic institutions. Therefore, let us unite in our commitment to protect and nurture democracy, following in the footsteps of those like Rathee who champion the cause of truth and uphold the principles of democracy.

Mohd Ziyauallah Khan is a freelance content writer based in Nagpur. He is also an activist and social entrepreneur, co-founder of the group TruthScape, a team of digital activists fighting disinformation on social media.

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