The blessed land of Palestine

Gaza Palestine Children

We were the little angels hovering in the skyline.
Came from that blessed land of Palestine.

Watching over the trail of shooting missiles.
Those shattering over the innocent lives & smiles.

We were trying to fathom the people’s pain and rage.
Astounded to see people facing the genocidal stage.

People running frantically to save their children’s lives.
But alas, there wasn’t a safe place away from missiles.

Seeing sobbing children trapped in mental trauma.
Trembling, bleeding & wailing in hurt & dilemma.

Saw a boy removing the shrouds in fury.
Whining, begging not to let his parents bury.

Also saw a feeble grandfather, in pain he couldn’t bear.
Clutching a tiny baby, to the chest in tears.

Bodies soaked in blood, under the rubble, lie.
Some were charred beyond recognition to the eye.

The martyred children, women & men lay in peace.
Some with mutilated limbs, others found in pieces

The mortals lined up with tag numbers all over.
Ready to be buried in mass graves altogether.

The Hospitals, Bakeries, and Schools were all bombed.
The fuel, water, food & net all stopped & denied.

The homes, parks, & colonies all got decimated.
They wanted finally everyone to be annihilated.

Chaos, tears, blood, parched throats & loss of appetite.
All we could see, over that blessed land of Palestine.

The land was under “zionist Terrorism”, the evil one-eye.
They brought a siege in the land of Palestine.

We little angels gliding over the moon & starshine.
Eyeing over the shooting star for peace in Palestine.

Waiting eventually to enter the door of Paradise.
To ask the Lord why trials for the people of Palestine?

Why so much misery, sorrow and heartache?
Is this what we get as being blessed land of Palestine?

We know well, all living beings & things
tastes death at last.
But why agony captivate the blessed land of Palestine?

We asked, why against us the whole world conspires.
God said, with this, He has other plans to transpire.

Arshi Alvi @Arshi7Khan: Independent writer/blogger, Poet, Associated with Bazm_e_Urdu_Dubai

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