A letter from the Lord to the Bhakts

Ram Temple Ayodhya

Dear Bhakts and Wannabe-Bhakts,

Greetings from Heaven!

This is a letter to all of you from Lord Ram, dictated to me on the eve of  inauguration of the new temple  you are building on the banks of the Sarayu in Ayodhya in His name.

I understand that an idol of the Lord is being installed before the construction of the temple is complete, but such deviations from tradition and principle are quite minor compared to the larger fraud you have perpetrated all these years. A chicanery that you persist with even now, so full of pettiness, intrigue, ruthless pursuit of power and lack of scruples, that makes Ravana look like a benign RWA uncle.

Did you really have invoked the Lord’s name to spread hate rather than love to construct this temple? Should you not focus more on ethical values, truth and justice rather than empty rituals, ceremonies and superstitions?

By now, you may be wondering who on Earth I am supposed to be. A quick reminder, I am not on Earth but in Heaven – a truly wonderful place, which none of you are destined to reach for reasons explained in detail below. And a place that is fortunately very far away from the planet you live on and moving further still due to the terrible pollution of air, water, soil, mind and morals that you seem to be afflicted with.

More on that later, but now coming back to the Lord’s message. Primarily, He is one full of anguish at what seems to have happened to His beloved Bharat. He is at a total loss to understand how anyone can invoke His name and justify harming mosques, churches, or any place of worship since the spirit divine resides equally among all. He poignantly asks if the point of temples is not to nurture bonds between diverse children of one Creator rather than sow seeds of discord. After all, does not the entire cosmos comprise His spiritual abode?

He has asked me to convey to all of you that He is unable to recognize his homeland anymore. A vast and populous land He forged into one, through great sacrifice and penance, from zillions of little kingdoms and warring tribes several millennia ago.

A land that produced some of the greatest of philosophers, saints and kindest of souls the world has ever seen. It had its share of scoundrels too in the past but not in the proportions that characterise the Kali Yuga you live in.

I can hear someone say I have missed mentioning ‘bravest of warriors’ too.. When I once asked the Lord about this he only smiled and said nothing. Knowing Him well for a long time, I can confidently say that His silence indicates his unwillingness, unlike all of you, to utter anything without historical evidence or unrelated to reality.

Of course, I remember many of you hiding behind technicolour posters of Lord Ram with bow and arrow, to indicate that His prowess in war is something you have also inherited. The violence of a mob is not an act of courage. It is a demonstration of your cowardice – especially since the ‘enemy’ you claimed to conquer vanished from the planet five hundred years ago! Where’s your conscience? How do you still pretend to be a bhakt after endorsing such immoral acts?

Rather, the Lord sees in you shades of the dhobi of Ayodhya. Yes, the same dhobi who specialised, thousands of years before the advent of Arnab or Navika, in spreading fake news against those of much greater virtue or ability and whitewashing the sins of the rich, corrupt and powerful.

The bearded, costumed one you have chosen to consecrate the Lord’s new temple is almost certainly from that long lineage of launderers. Everything about him –  personal stories of hardship as a child, hard work as a youth, stellar academic qualifications, claims of courage in adversity, concern for the nation – is fake news of the lowest quality. There is no way he would pass any test of fire, even if it was a zillion times less intense than the one Ma Sita sailed through.

The Lord says till these ‘launderer genes’ continue to shape your basic instincts and view of the world there is little hope for either your or Bharatvarsh’s salvation.  The net result of this laundry work all of you have been doing is the inevitable pollution– of air, water, soil, mind and morals – that is asphyxiating Bharat.

The sheer volumes of deadly, forever toxins you have generated cannot be cleansed by all the water in the Holy Ganges for decades to come – with this water too turning poisonous, a testimony to the dubious integrity of your ‘faith’.

Even worse, the Lord adds, is that the unholy din you generate to hide your sins also diverts attention from the real needs and aspirations of the innocent masses of our ancient land. When there is so much poverty and misery still around, why invest thousands of crores in building yet another temple rather than quality schools, hospitals and essential infrastructure? Are you not cynically exploiting human sentiment for electoral gains, especially when people’s genuine grievances remain unaddressed?

Which, is in fact the main reason for this letter too.  He is truly concerned about the people, those who are His true believers,  unlike the charlatans who have kidnapped the Sita, err… I mean the seat of power these days. He does not trust you at all to provide them with the basics of food, clothing, shelter, decent work or income – and your cooked up data on all these fronts does not impress Him at all.

Let me be very clear. The Lord is very particular about the welfare of the ordinary folk of Bharat and gives two hoots for the expensive, highly decorated and ornamented temple you are building in His name. This is because, while He was a prince and later the King of Ayodhya His happiest years were in vanvaas, in the forest where he met the people He loved the most – Hanuman and his friends.

It is these brave and generous people (people, not monkeys) who helped rescue Ma Sita from the clutches of Ravana and defeat the triple evil of pride, greed and cunning that the King of Lanka represented. Exactly what all of you represent in Bharat at this point of time  – and believe me, your fate will be similar too in the days ahead.

Lord Ram’s final request is – redeem your humanity before it’s too late. Seek truth over false propaganda, promote amity between communities, uphold ethics in governance, share economic prosperity equitably, care for the needy and nurture the planet. That alone can restore Bharat’s ancient glory as a land of spirituality, compassion and brotherhood.

Yours in concern with empathy,

A Celestial Stenographer from Above

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