The Horrors of Gaza


It has been more than 100 days since Israel has unleashed a history of horror. Killing thousands of Palestinians especially Children & making millions homeless, making them refugees in their own land . In past 100 days At least 23,700 people in Gaza have lost their lives. Which means  1 in every 100 has lost his Or her life. 60 thousand people in Gaza have been injured in these 100 days. These include at least 8,663 children and 6327 women , which means 3 out of every hundred people in Gaza. More than 1000 children have lost their one or both legs. 2.2 million people in Gaza are suffering from crisis level food insecurity. 9 out of every 10 goes without food for 24 hours or more. 359000 Houses have been damaged or destroyed. Which means 6 out of every 10 houses in Gaza are damaged or destroyed. 1.9 million people have been internally displaced . Which means more than 8 out of every 10 people in Gaza. Nearly 1.72 million are sheltering in 155 UNRWA facilities. 100 journalists and media workers have been killed. Which means nearly one journalist everyday. This war on Gaza is proving to be deadliest for journalists. 625000 students are out of school. With 7 out of every 10 schools have been damaged in Israeli attack. 15 out of 36 hospitals in Gaza function partially. Israel’s bombardment have destroyed most of the hospitals. The hospitals face a dire shortage of Doctors ,  medical supplies , medicines and urgently needs fuel for life saving equipment. 5,500 women are due to give birth. More than 180 babies are born every day. Both mother and new born doesn’t receive proper care.

While as Israel is writing the history of worst genocide the US, UK, Canada, Germany & many other countries are party to this genocide. We as humans must push for Ceasefire In Gaza as much as we can . Ceasefire isn’t the solution but surely the only way ,that should help people of Palestinian from loosing their loved ones.

Thousands of children in Palestine don’t have families left now. They’ve no one to look after. They are orphans. They’ll have to live a life without any support. We can’t imagine what’s coming for the children of Palestine. The children had dreams but now they only have memories of horror and loosing of their loved ones. Surely and sadly these kids will grow depressed and traumatized.

The memories of losing their loved ones will never let them smile the way they used to. Some have lost their parents, their kids, their brothers, their homes, their wives, their cafes & but all Palestinians are loosing their happy lives. They will have to live their lives without their lived ones around. Just thinking about this is giving me trauma. Just imagine the situation of the people going through all this. We all must have lost our loved ones. Loosing them is the worst form of pain. Just can’t imagine the pain of the father taking his son out of rubble. The saying “Smallest coffins are the heaviest” Is being witnessed

A son witness his father’s, mother’s body being taken out of rubble. Just imagine the trauma, the pain, the agony, the sorrow, the guilt, the humiliation & especially the sense that they are no more with them . Writing this is getting me to tears. Just imagine the son’s position.

A father see his son’s or daughter’s being taken out the rubble. Imagine the father’s dreams being scattered seeing his son Or daughter dead. Every father has dreams for his son Or daughter. The pain, the sense of separation. We can’t even imagine.

A mother, who carries  her son Or daughter in her womb for 9 month witnessing her son Or daughter being taken out of rubble. Just imagine the tragedy that she experiences. We can’t imagine her pain, her sorrow or her sense of separation. Nothing but tears.

A best friend seeing his best friend dead. The same friends who used to meet daily , will now have to live without his friend. He has lost his unpaid therapist, Walking secret dairy, his favorite time pass, his soft corner. He has lost his everything.

This goes for teacher, student, boss, classmate, senior, junior & so on. People in Palestine have lost everything and everyone. All they want is their own home land taken away forcibly from them. These 100 days have been so tough. & it hasn’t stopped. Let’s pray for them.

The Genocide is continuing, the figures mentioned are going up each passing second and while you read a word of this article a Palestinian dies and the figures go up with each word you read. Gaza is experiencing food shortage, housing problems, health infrastructure is crashing and remember Gaza is suffering with each and every problem that comes and doesn’t come in your mind. It’s the worst form of Genocide that’s happening . The world shall never forget what Biden, Justin Trudeau, Rishi sunak and many others did to the Children of Gaza by supporting Israel’s war crimes and apposing cease fire that could have saved millions of lives. The world shall Never Forget and Never Forgive

Raqif Makhdoomi is a law student and a Rights activist.


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