Arab Leadership Complicity to Support American-Israeli War on Gaza

The bodies of Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes are buried in a mass grave in Khan Younis. Photo credit: Al-Jazeera

Palestinains in Search of Humanity

Once a people or a nation colonized by European imperialists, it remains colonized and subjugated by the Masters forever. The contemporary oil-producing Arab world represents that historic reality. The Israeli planned onslaught on Gaza for over six months and its catastrophic consequences of crimes against humanity and alleged genocide – all have imprints of complicity of modern Arab -Muslim leaders.

Are the global institutions of peace, security and conflict management fast becoming obsolete in a real crisis situation? And global humanity is captive of the US-Israel’s intransigence and plans never experienced in history. Why should the global community allow arbitrary terror of killing and expulsion of 2.5 million people of Gaza? Philip Giraldi (Global Research: 2/21/24), “The United States Vetoes Yet Another UN Humanitarian Ceasefire Over Gaza” …. several interesting developments relating to Israel’s ongoing destruction of Gaza and its people, but one might well question the motives of at least one of the principal players in the drama, namely Joe Biden’s United States Government.

How the War Dehumanized the Arab-Muslim World? The Arab-Muslim world is a world of bewildered fantasy – no strength, no power to think intelligently,no policies to defend Islam, dubious spectators watching Western military actions-reactions to assign a finished answer to the Palestinian movement for national freedom. If the people of Palestine had white anglo-saxon ethnicity like the Ukranians or the EU, the US-West European leaders would have rushed to help the victims and bomb the aggressor. Even drinking water, medicines, foods, shelters and clean oxygen are not allowed by the Israeli occupation forces. What is next after another inexplicable shocking cataclysm in the making seen on the political horizon?

Were Ancient Warriors More Civilized and Humane than Israel and America?

Those bombing and destroying the Earth and its life cycle are not normal human beings. Were the ancient people of stone-age more intelligent and responsible for not having destroyed the earth and environment in wars and kept mankind in safety and unity?

American supplied weaponry massacred more than 34,500 innocent people of Gaza, 14,000 children, 9,500 women; and Israel bombed and destroyed the habitats and its citizens for no other reason except intransigence and animosity against Arabs and Muslims.The Earth belongs to all humanity and is a living entityand rotates itself at a speed of 1000 miles per hour at equator and orbits Sun at average speed of 67062 MPH. Earth is a trust to humanity and trust includes accountability.The Earth sustains all forms of living things(known and unknown), the essential foundation of our very existence. Pathologically wicked leaders and nations claiming to be most powerful start acting like God to challenge the sanctity and limits of the Laws of God; historically, they become an object of unthinkable natural calamities- earthquakes, wildfires, floods, deaths and destruction. Say! Travel through the earth; And see what was the end of those who rejected Truth.” spell out the annals of human history. Those bombing and causing catastrophic events to destroy the planet Earth and mankind and all of its treasures and enrichments are not normal human beings.

There are No Arab-Muslim Leaders to Protect People of Gaza and Palestine

Steven Cook (“Arab Countries Have Israel’s Back—for Their Own Sake.” Foreign Policy: 4/18/24) explains that “Last weekend’s security cooperation in the Middle East doesn’t indicate a new future for the region.” Historically, wicked and aggressive people enjoin friendship and apathy for vicious plans against mankind. President Joe Biden pretended to support the Two States solution in the Middle East. He turned out to be an  imposter when vetoed Palestine full membership at the UNSC. Israelis friendly Arab leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and others were silent spectators, not challenging the wicked actions professed by the US diplomacy. They were submissive to the Master, not safeguarding the interest of their own people. Many Arab leaders including the Saudi and the UAE princes have investments in Israel via Jared Kushner- son-in-law of Donald Trump. America and Israel view all the Arab States as vulnerable to besiegement and political supremacy. Several centuries earlier, the Arabs were described as:

“Thus have We made of you

An Ummah justly balanced,that ye might be witnesses over other nations……to Those guided by God. (Quran: 2: 143)

Living in the fantasy of time and power, Arab-Muslim states have no armies or leaders to protect the on-going civilians bloodbath in Gaza and the national interest of Palestine.America and Israel have working plans to conquer more Arab lands -Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and others to resettle the Palestinians and put a finished answer on Palestine as a future State. Would the Arab-Muslim leaders rethink outside the imperial box to plan for a navigational change in relationships with the US and its military hegemony? The time, history and future generations of conscientious people will curse the so-called tribal agents for their wickedness and greed to be kings and queens and princes and nothing else to make their presence in the global arena of emerging conflicts. Please see:“How Did Arab Leaders Betrayed Islam and Defied the Logic of Political Change, Peace and Security.” defied-the-logic-of-political-change-peace-and-security.php

While the Arab leaders make melodramatic and misleading claims of security and peace with Israel and the West, the region is a highly militarized and destabilized landscape of continuous conflicts. To subdue and humiliate the “camel jockeys” of the oil producing Arab world, now the US exports wars, weapons and poisonous thoughts to divide and conquer the Arabian Peninsula.To change the future, America and Israel needed a just and a strong political challenge to stop the war on Gaza but it was nowhere to be seen on the Arabian leadership horizon. For too long, Arab leaders breathe oxygen in moral and intellectual decadence and a delusional fantasy of oil-run economic prosperity. Israeli and the US strategic plans are working, while the Arab-Muslim leaders never thought of proactive critical thinking about the future except transitory oil-fed happiness and sports and erecting hi-rise buildings defying conventional wisdom.

Would the current so called Arabian princes, kings and ameers be

phased-out by the new young conscientious generations of political activists? The time and opportunities call for new Arab leadership of educated and honest people, rethinking and new ideas to reject violence and vengeance as contrary to the nature of humanity, peace and intellect. To avoid most dreadful tragedies in the making, the new educated and responsible generations of Arab-Muslim leaders would reject tyranny of war as a means to solve political problems and take a firm stand with moral and intellectual strength to persuasive communication and dialogue for peace, security and conflict resolution.

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution (2019); and a forthcoming book is entitled: Global Humanity, Peace and Conflict Resolution beyond the Lens of Human Consciousness.

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