Concerned Citizens Appeal to Vote Out BJP

An Insult to Maharashtrian Pride, We must Atone, We must Reclaim our Progressive Heritage! An Appeal to defeat the BJP-led Mahayuti & vote for the MVA & the INDIA Bloc!


 Dear Sisters and Brothers of Maharashtra


Time rarely gives one a second chance to atone for our mistakes. However, fortunately, we in Maharashtra have been given an opportunity to rectify the misdeeds of unscrupulous power-hungry opportunists. 

Once, Maharashtra stood as the icon of progressive value-based politics, being the most forward-thinking state in the nation. In our proud heritage, we can recount great progressive figures such as Sant Tukaram, Sant Janabai, Sant Soyrabai & Sant Namdev Maharaj. They weren’t just a part of our spiritual legacy but were also the cultural jewels of Maharashtra. Pandharpur holds a special place in our heritage. Moreover, the great and legendary figures such as Shivaji Maharaj, Sahū Maharaj, Mahatma Jotiba Phule, Savitribai Phule, Fatima Sheikh and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar have significantly influenced our moral compass & national ethos in every aspect of our lives. It is due to their sacrifices and contributions that Maharashtra has maintained its status as a beacon, a national benchmark for socio-political principles, economic prosperity, and cultural integrity.

Today Maharashtra’s reputation has been tarnished and sullied by the lust for power of three immoral opportunistic political parties who have abandoned any modicum of ethics and morality and are mere proxy puppets of Modi and Shah. 

We are all aware of the stark fact that the current regime in Maharashtra is not merely a coalition of three power-hungry parties, but it is a puppet regime formed by an immoral trio! We are aware that its strings are being tugged from Delhi at the behest of Modi-Shah. 

The regime change was planned & the two parties broken by resorting to threats, bribes & horse trading.  This has lent further credence to the label – ‘Chappan Khoke, Sab Kuch OK!’ This is a slogan that mocks & shames Maharashtrian Asmita. 

This regime is undoubtedly a blot on the integrity, the high moral standards, and the rich legacy of Maharashtra.

We do understand that political parties compete for power, but this competition should adhere to certain constitutional boundaries and must uphold democratic norms & principles. In fact, here, they have totally compromised the ethical reputation of Maharashtra by treating democracy as a mere commodity to be bought and sold in the market. 

Undoubtedly, this regime symbolises the utter debasement of politics and is a source of embarrassment for the people of Maharashtra.

Thus, we the citizens of Maharashtra, who are independent of any political party, but firmly uphold democratic principles, have decided to take a public position to stand up for the respect and honour of our state. We ardently support Mahatma Gandhi’s ethical approach to politics and have consistently worked to uphold Maharashtra’s moral standards. 

Thus, today, we urge and appeal to all the vigilant citizens of Maharashtra to heed their conscience, to accept the responsibility and exercise extreme caution during the Lok Sabha elections scheduled for April 19 and 26, and May 7, 13, and 20, 2024. 

Therefore, keeping in mind the challenges that we face, we hereby declare that we will NOT cast our vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) or any of the associates of the NDA alliance. 

In this context that we take a categorical position,  and therefore affirm and appeal to the people to cast their votes for the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA), and its larger national formation, namely the INDIA Bloc. They clearly represent the only viable political option for the people of Maharashtra and the country at large. 

We further call upon the people to ensure that their precious vote leads to the defeat of the BJP & its allies in all of the 48 seats across Maharashtra. This will ensure that none of them win or align with the nefarious groups of Modi-Shah or Shinde-Fadnavis-Ajit Pawar. 

In this crucial election, we must also prevent our votes from being divided. The tactic of splitting votes for victory is another unethical political maneuver that we refuse to tolerate or succumb to. 

We are committed to transforming this election into a battle to restore Maharashtra’s tarnished pride, honour, and self-respect.

For us to endeavour to actively and successfully remove this stain of immorality and unbridled corruption from the politics of Maharashtra, will further empower us to seek to monitor & counter all such unethical political manoeuvres in the future.

The more that democracy is defended & upheld by the citizens themselves, the more it will maintain its ethical, moral, and democratic essence.

We have been given this precious opportunity to restore Maharashtra’s former glory. We must not miss it.

Sincerely yours,

1. G.G.Parikh

2. Raosaheb Kasabe

3. Tushar Gandhi 

4. Ram Puniyani

5. Shyamdada Gaikwad

6. Teesta Setelvad

7. Uttam Kamble

8. B. G. Kolse Patil

9. Suresh Khopde

10. Megha Pansare

11. Anand Patwardhan

12. Javed Anand

13. Irfan Engineer

14. Dolphy D’souza

15. M.A.Khalid

16. Niranjan Takle

17. Sambhaji Bhagat

18. Dr. Suresh Khairnar

19. Gyanesh Maharav

20. Anwar Rajan

21. Nandkumar Patil

22. Ulka Mahajan

23. Asim Sarode

24. Sanjay M.G

25. Varsh Deshpandey

26. Dr. Salim Khan

27. Nuruddin Naik  

28. Sayeed Khan

29. Swara Bhaskar

30. Feroze Mithiborwala 

31. Sharad Kadam 

32. Vishal Hiwale

33. Guddi S.L

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